Xavisus Gayden is All About Military, Muscle, and Music

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  • Aug 03, 2022

Xavisus Gayden is All About Military, Muscle, and Music

Fans of the Men’s Physique division may know the name Javisus Gayden as he has been an IFBB professional league athlete for several years. He finished 8th at the Olympia stage and is likely to return to that stage in the future. What those fans may not know is that Gayden made history by taking that step in 2014. Gayden was the first active-duty US Marine to compete in the Olympia, and has actually done so twice.

“I was the first person to attend Olympia and Arnold while on duty,” he said proudly. He called it the most important achievement of his career on the stage and in the service. This passion for service goes back to his childhood.

Gayden’s uncle is a retired US Air Force Sergeant who served in Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s. His uncle used to send letters to the family when he was abroad, and that’s what made Gayden dream of serving himself one day.

“I used to read the letters with my grandmother,” he recalls. “Reading them was what really made me want to go when I grew up.”

Javis Gaiden actually grew up a straight-A student all through high school, but he wasn’t sure about going to college. This, along with his uncle’s inspiration, helped him decide to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. While working in the military, Gidden was also more committed to education. At first, he did not aspire to compete or become a professional in bodybuilding. When he realized that no active duty Marine had ever reached IFBB Pro League status, he decided that that needed to change and he was the one to make it happen.

“I thought this was an opportunity I could take and show the rest of the military that they can do it too.”

That goal will become a reality in 2013 with the prestigious NPC USA title, fitting for someone who is both a hero and a service member of his country. Gayden is entering his ninth year as a professional competitor and has won two shows so far. One can only imagine what it must have been like for him to stand on the Olympia stage for the first time as one of the best in the world a year after turning pro.

“It’s amazing,” he recalled. “It takes a lot to get there.”

US Marine Corps Vet Javisus Gidden poses with bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler
Courtesy of Xavisus Gayden

However, it was worth it in his eyes, as he has touched many lives with his efforts, and has been recognized by some of the greats of bodybuilding, including four-time Mr. Olympia and three-time Arnold Classic champion Jay Cutler. , Known. It is legendary for its efforts to support the soldiers.

“He’s one of my all-time favorites because I really know him,” said the Marine and IFBB Pro. “I know where his mind is, and I love the fact that he’s giving back to the military, which is what I want to do.”

Much like the way Cutler inspired Hayden, his work ethic and accomplishments in the sport have served as an inspiration to some Marines as well as superior officers. However, he also had to face criticism.

“Some of the other soldiers grieved me because I would not go with them to drink water. “I would go train or go train my Marines who wanted me to help them.” Gayden may have faced backlash for that decision, but he felt he had a higher calling even with what he had already done in the service.

It might hurt my career, but I really didn’t care. I still did it because it was none of my business. It was about helping young Marines who needed it. Some of them still come to me and tell me that they are working harder in fitness or are now serving because of me.

Gunnery Sergeant Javisos Gayden served his country from 1998 to 2019. His job made him travel abroad just like his uncle. He even worked in Japan at one point, where he approached another passion for music, which he says he wanted to do as a child.

“When I was in Japan, I was doing music and working as a DJ and I went into production,” he shared. Now, I produce myself and work with other producers.

Bodybuilder and Marine veteran Javis Gayden poses for a bodybuilding competition
US Marine Corps Vet Javisus Gidden poses with bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler

Gayden may not have wanted to go to school when he was young, but thanks to his passion for music, he kept going. He has already graduated from a music engineering school and is about to earn a second degree from a music institute in Los Angeles. One of the producers he reached out to is Zaytoven, who has worked with several music superstars including Usher, Gucci Mane, Future and others.

He is amazing at what he does and I called him [Instagram] Alive, said Gaiden, and he told me to hit him. I have been working with him for the past month and a half. I just received the master mix of one of my songs that we are going to release. “It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited about it.”

With Gaiden’s pursuit of music and his anticipated return to the stage ahead, the father of three and fitness instructor has a lot to look forward to, and he’ll have more opportunities to inspire others along the way, just like he did during his active naval career. the profession. He hopes that young people now consider the military because he can help them as it helped him.

“It can give you peace of mind and give you a path to work from,” he advised. “It can help you figure out where you want to go, and it can also help you get there.”

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