Who was Nicole Kidman’s father? Actress slammed over silence on Balenciaga child ad campaign controversy

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  • Nov 29, 2022

Who was Nicole Kidman’s father? Actress slammed over silence on Balenciaga child ad campaign controversy

Nicole Kidman’s followers are asking the actress to address Balenciaga’s recent controversial ad campaign featuring children. The luxury fashion house has been criticized for promoting child pornography. Meanwhile, the alleged pedophilic abuses of the actor’s father have been revealed.

Balenciaga’s recent Spring 2023 campaign featured several famous faces. Nicole Kidman, Bella Hadid, Isabelle Huppert, Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell and others were among these people.

Along with the celebrity collaboration, the brand also released an ad featuring children posing with plush teddy bear bags, where the toys were dressed in bondage outfits. The ad also included a printout of the Supreme Court’s decision on the child pornography case. This sent netizens into a frenzy, demanding that celebrities should condemn Balenciaga.

Hey photographers: When Balenciaga hires you to shoot its new lookbook and you find a toddler sleeping on a couch surrounded by wine glasses and bondage gear, you walk away. period. https://t.co/DSoHgQLM6O

As of today, only Kim Kardashian has addressed Balenciaga’s controversial campaign, where she has condemned their actions. Bella Hadid removed some of the recent campaign images from her Instagram profile.

I’ve been quiet the past few days, not because I wasn’t disgusted and outraged by Balenciaga’s recent campaigns, but because I wanted a chance to talk to their team to find out for myself how this could happen.

Since then, Nicole Kidman’s fans have been waiting for her answer. Pictures of her wearing clothes from the controversial Balenciaga line remained on her Instagram profile at the time of writing.

Why is Nicole Kidman’s father under fire?

While social media users were filled with hate for Kidman, Twitter was flooded with others slamming the actress’ father as well. Twitter user @_butterfly_Z claimed that big little lies Star Father is part of:

“The CIA’s mild control program that experiments on children and abuses them. The details are horrific and this is absolutely disgusting if true.”

Nicole Kidman’s father appears to have been part of a mild CIA surveillance program that experimented on and abused children. twitter.com/SFractalistic/…

Twitter user @MarkieBalentin1 also claimed that the actor and his father are “linked to an international pedophilia cult.”

The last time Nicole Kidman’s father, Dr. Anthony Kidman, made headlines was when he died in Singapore in September 2014. Police said they were investigating his “unnatural death.”

Dr Kidman was a clinical psychologist at the University of Technology Sydney. He was visiting his daughter and Nicole Kidman’s sister Antonia in Singapore.

Dr. Anthony Kidman and Nicole Kidman (Image via Getty Images)
Dr. Anthony Kidman and Nicole Kidman (Image via Getty Images)

In March 2022, Australia’s National Review published an article detailing Dr. Anthony Kidman’s alleged involvement in an elite Sydney pedophilia ring. At the time of his death, his alleged victim Fiona Barnett released a statement saying:

“Anthony Kidman, the main perpetrator of my child’s sexual abuse, has died after I filed a formal complaint accusing him of murdering, torturing and murdering children in an exclusive pedophile gang in Sydney. “As a child victim of mind control, I feel like he was victimized by my inability to plan properly.”

The victim also revealed that she had filed a complaint against Anthony with the Australian Police and the NSW Child Abuse Royal Commission. His complaints were about his alleged sexual and physical abuse that took place during the victim’s childhood.

He also announced that he filed a complaint against Anthony to the International Court of Justice in Brussels. The website claimed they were investigating Anthony’s involvement in the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.

YouTube cover

The website stated that the cult organized secret manhunting parties that included pedophilia. The website also added:

The children and teenagers appear to have been acquired by the Octopus drug crime syndicate, believed to be linked to the Vatican. Kidnapped children and teenagers are said to have been stripped, chased, hunted and killed.”

Barnett revealed that the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse is investigating Anthony. However, he moved out of the country and died.

Netizens blasted Nicole Kidman for her silence on the Balenciaga ad campaign

Netizens vented their anger against Nicole Kidman on Twitter. Many criticized the actor for his deafening silence. It is stated in several tweets:

@itsnatlydenise Many celebrities modeled for Balenciaga. Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian. Also, Naomi has already been named several times in traffic cases. This is deep https://t.co/kHQgzO3b9L

@robbystarbuck They never explain. They will try to apologize. It should not be accepted. Time to really hurt them in the pocket and tell every celebrity and model who wears this crap that they will be blackballed next to Balenciaga. Talking to you, Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian

took @Kim Kardashian 6 days to speak against Balenciaga. I’m still waiting for Bella Hadid, Nicole Kidman, @DUALIPA Just to name a few. 😌

@BritMartinez nicole kidman hasn’t taken down her new balenciaga on instagram… i’ve lost all respect for her. He is just another corrupt actor. My bad for waiting better.

Nicole Kidman came to the rescue of balenciagas. Do you know who his father is he is literally the biggest pedophile you will ever meet.

@itsnatlydenise And to add..Nicole Kidman is the new face of the brand/history of her father’s search and more connection.

Another real reason for Tom Cruise’s divorce from Nicole Kidman is that she supports abuse. This is him #Balenciaga recently. This company supports child abuse etc. As a survivor, this is sickening and more people need to know how evil Nicole Kidman is. @balenciaga 🤬 https://t.co/wHUOC49867

Since gathering backlash, Balenciaga has apologized for its actions. It has also filed a lawsuit against production company North Six, Inc. and its agent, Nicolas Des Jardins, who were responsible for engaging in “unexplained acts and omissions.”

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