Travel Inspiration: How 5 Nigerian celebrities spent their summer

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  • Aug 03, 2022

Travel Inspiration: How 5 Nigerian celebrities spent their summer

Thinking about where to go and what to try on your next trip? Then, read on.

Here are five famous people who have traveled around the world.

Sharon has been on a major European tour.

First stop was London, we enjoyed boutique photos and mirror selfies.

Then he went to Paris, France and posed in exotic restaurants.

The next place we saw Sharon was in Mykonos, Greece, where she photographed the waterscape.

But that was not the end of his journey, he went to Italy and went boating on the famous Lake Como in Italy.

Summer came early for Nancy, who kicked off a World Tour (World Tour) in Paris in June with a stop at Disneyland Paris.

He stopped by the Netflix office in the Netherlands

before moving on to a quieter landscape in Santorini, Greece.

We enjoyed all his beach views and pictures. The next time we see Nancy, she is drinking wine in Tuscany, Italy.

Maria started her Damond tour in Santorini, Greece with stunning views and breakfast.

Then he went to Paris and had breakfast overlooking the beautiful city.

Living most people’s dreams, Maria went sailing in Venice, Italy

And then ended his vacation in Monaco and St. Tropez.

Ini began her summer vacation in South Africa, although she spent it filming Smart Money Woman.

He went from London to Paris

Guinness’ visit to Dublin left Nangi smiling as he toured the grounds

Then he stopped in Ibiza for some beach fun.