Tik Tok Star Nikocado Avocado’s Failing Mental Health

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  • Aug 06, 2022

Tik Tok Star Nikocado Avocado’s Failing Mental Health

Nicholas Perry is better known online as Nicokado Avocado. What started as a platform for her to share her vegan lifestyle turned into something dark and dangerous as a mental health warning. Before YouTube, Perry lived in New York and dreamed of playing in the pit orchestra for a Broadway show. Unfortunately, the competitive music scene wasn’t as lucrative as Perry’s next career move.

Perry is now one of the most controversial YouTubers around, known for her extreme eating challenges and extreme mood swings. The real question surrounding Nikado Avocado is when did things go bad? Here’s a look at the rise and fall of Nikado Avocado and how the dangers of social media contributed to his self-destructive behavior.

Nikado Avocado’s rise to fame. before and after

One of the nicocado avocados that was in mokbangs before gaining weight

In 2014, Perry began his YouTube journey. At that time he was a vegetarian and had been for a long time. He confirmed in a later video that he and his wife, Orlene Home, first met on a Facebook group for vegan men.

But, it wasn’t until a few years later in 2016 that Perry released a video saying that she no longer wanted to be a vegan YouTuber, or vegan in general. His beliefs on the subject quickly changed due to the vegetarian community claiming that he was “never vegetarian enough”. [for them]He also commented on the matter years later dish with trish, Trisha Paytas podcast. “I had a decayed tooth, vitamin B-12 deficiency and hypoglycemia, I don’t know if that’s directly related to being vegetarian, but I’ve never had that before,” she told Pietas.

After leaving her vegan lifestyle behind, she started gaining popularity for her Mukbangs. Mukbangs were huge back then and still have a huge audience. Mokbang videos originate from South Korea and feature one or more people consuming large amounts of food in front of the camera. Perry continued this extreme eating trend as her channel continued to grow through it.

Deterioration of physical and mental health of avocado Nikado

Nikado Avocado Youtube Still Mokbang

As his subscriber base grew, his subscriber base grew in scale. Perry was gaining weight quickly and wasn’t shy about addressing it. Considering the ridiculous amounts of food he eats, it’s not far-fetched to imagine that he’s eating more than his daily calories. But, with extra fat came extra drama.

Nicokado Avocado’s melodramatic stories contributed to the rapid proliferation of his views. What started as a mindless drama ended up costing many of his subscribers. He began captioning the videos: “No one loves me, I’m done” and “My life is falling apart.” He started getting backlash from the YouTubers he worked with. Stephanie Su, another Mokbang YouTuber who did the Spicy Noodle Challenge with Perry, made a video called “Why I’m Afraid of Avocado Nikado” in which she explains the disturbing behavior she displayed behind the scenes.

Instead of contempt, his comment section was filled with concern. In January 2020, his questionable mental health status raised red flags. His video for “We’re Broken Up” was hard to watch, to say the least. A very emotional Perry drew attention to the failed relationship between her husband and herself. He blamed YouTube and this drama. “All of your comments for the past month are seeping into her mind, she’s questioning us as a couple,” Perry said. And all this is because of YouTube.”

Perry followed up with seven videos he posted in one week of him sobbing in front of his audience. “Orlean left me, I hate myself, goodbye YouTube and life” was just one of those videos that upset many of her viewers.

Did Nikado leave Avocado?

Nicado Avocado on bed with oxygen mask and ejector food bags.

His dramatic antics continue, with many questioning whether it’s really a mental health issue or if theatrics are just for show. Many suspected this before, but his April 2020 video titled “Jesus is coming soon, he talked to me” convinced fans that he was just trolling. Losing the support of his online following seemed to make matters worse. It seemed that as the comments got worse, so did his videos. Could it be from not knowing how to deal with all the negativity on her social media pages?

It was undeniable that Perry needed the break from YouTube that he promised and never delivered. Although there were still concerns for his physical health. He said he weighed 320 pounds and said it was “nothing to laugh about anymore.” He never moved away from YouTube, instead choosing Tik Tok, where content creation became faster and easier.

Perry started making TikToks and used the platform to reflect and emphasize themes that were already on his YouTube channels. He used his weight gain and emotionally disturbed mood to keep his name in the public eye. Her Tik Tok videos reinforced the idea that she was mentally and physically unwell. It came as a shock to people who were not familiar with his YouTube career and were discovering him for the first time.

He has had many hospital trips until 2022, but there are no definitive answers about his health. Many fear that he doesn’t take the situation seriously because he keeps joking about it. There are very few who still feel sorry for Perry and criticize the way she behaves online and the dangerous health and food message she promotes. Many believe that her unhealthy habits encourage binge eating and other forms of eating disorders.

Does Avocado Nikado use drama for clicks?

Nicholas Perry from Avocado Nikado crying on screen

While Perry’s career on YouTube caused a stir, her presence on Tik Tok further strengthened it and took the situation to new heights and weights. We can blame Nikado Avocado’s death on many things, but analyzing the wider issue of celebrity society on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok, is crucial to understanding its impact on mental health.

Many celebrities may not have the support in their personal lives to cope with their rapid rise to fame. This kind of popularity will completely change your life, change your dynamics, income, career and daily life.

Without proper grounding, navigating the new waters of internet fame can be difficult, especially when it can be quickly destroyed. New influencers are constantly emerging, creating an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality around online followers. If content creators can’t keep up with communication and inhuman speed of production to keep their name on trending lists, they could lose everything they’ve worked for.

Avocado Nikado’s situation seems to follow along these lines or try to communicate through headlines and nonsense content. This is a dangerous path that everyone must walk. It’s important to remember that celebrities and influencers are people, too, and need just as much sympathy—especially when it comes to their mental and physical health.

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