The Moral Bankruptcy Of Pakistani Celebrities – The Friday Times

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  • Sep 27, 2022

The Moral Bankruptcy Of Pakistani Celebrities – The Friday Times

A few weeks ago I noticed journalism Harun Rashid and Ms. Marvel actress Mahwish Hayat call out Bollywood celebrities for their silence in the face of devastating floods in Pakistan. The concern was that they did not acknowledge the disaster, let alone provide financial aid. However, Indian commentators pointed out that such actors do not even tweet about tragedies in India, while other commentators stated that doing so would lead to accusations of “anti-nationalism” against Bollywood’s Khans in an increasingly intolerant India. , will be. While self-preservation may have been the reason for their silence, the moral bankruptcy of Pakistani celebrities was on full display when they headed to Canada for the 8th annual HUM Awards.

While celebrities’ work is entertainment, given the obscene wealth they amass in a world plagued by economic inequality, people expect them to use their vast resources and influence to draw attention to and help the less fortunate. In fact, some on social media have criticized Pakistani celebrities for donating money instead of leading by example. In addition, there is a moral concern about Pakistani celebrities enjoying business class flights for pomp and show in an advanced economy, while millions of their fellow citizens suffer the consequences of their carbon footprint. It’s like someone making a media spectacle through massive consumption when their colleagues are laid off during a recession.

Hollywood celebrities, on the other hand, know that with great wealth and fame comes great responsibility. Angelina Jolie is in Pakistan, modestly dressed and mingling with poor people in a way reminiscent of the late Princess Diana. Even Poorna Jagannathan, the Indian-American actress who plays Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar in the popular Netflix series. never i neverAnd he was criticized for his talk about Prime Minister Modi asking his fans to donate money for flood relief efforts in Pakistan. But if our own celebrities don’t help with their presence and efforts and instead wallow in self-centeredness despite this dire situation, it speaks volumes for their moral bankruptcy.

Some may say that celebrities have flocked to fundraise for flood relief, but this seems more like a follow-up or PR damage control tactic than a well-thought-out plan to help millions. People of Pakistan who are suffering due to flood. Economic and political crisis in this direction, former Prime Minister Imran Khan also attacks as a self-centered person who puts his ambition on the nation. In contrast is Dr. Shashi Tharoor, who, despite being a staunch critic of the ruling BJP, remains clear that when it comes to foreign policy, there is no BJP or Congress, only a unified India polity. It is a pity that Imran Khan prefers to bring his country to the edge of the abyss than to unite the people of Pakistan.

Celebrities are under pressure to stay relevant, look good and stay fit. In doing so, some end up looking for validation from their social media cult to find it within themselves. In religious parlance, this is seen as a form of idolatry where one is preoccupied with wealth, fame and appearances instead of remaining a humble and humble human being. Such a need for validation comes from a place of insecurity and perhaps a deep-rooted inferiority complex that no amount of shirtless selfies or nausea can fix.

This is the same inferiority complex that plagues those who are newly rich but seek eternal glory by humiliating others. The behavior of BJP supporters who are attacking Pakistan’s social media and belittling Pakistan.BehkaristanIndulging in racist caricatures of Muslims and Islam, showing their obsession with sex and foul language, despite India appearing as the fifth country.the seventh The largest economy makes for an interesting case study in the phenomenon nau-daulatiya (just arrived).

Moreover, such people remain eternal victims as they continue to cling to the Mughal and Muslim warriors and the ancient Maurya empires, just as their Muslim counterparts do. Musalmano Ka Tabnak Maazi (The brilliant past of Muslims). Such people constantly do anything when criticized for violating their human rights. The recent social media reactions of the Hindutva brigade in Leicester show that it is very similar to Muslims diverting attention from their shortcomings.

This brings us back to Pakistani celebrities who are dumbfounded when criticized for their superficial and morally bankrupt behavior while their countrymen suffer from floods and economic deprivation. You cannot expect much from them. One can forget that they use their huge social capital to highlight the plight of Ahmadis, the latest being four students who were expelled from school for their faith. And if such self-centered celebrities are criticized by the people of Pakistan for their antics, they probably deserve it.

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