‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Consider New Format A Waste

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  • Sep 24, 2022

‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Consider New Format A Waste

masked singer It returned this week and on the first night, four masked celebrities performed. Typically, there’s one person who goes home and fans debate the identity of the others for the next few weeks. It was all part of the fun.

This will not happen this year. On the first night, the new format meant that only one singer made it through to the semi-finals, and the other three stars took off their masks and went home. Only two were unmasked, but Hummingbird should be unmasked next week, taking the fun out of the guessing game.

The fans are not happy about this masked singer Changes

Fans were chatting about it masked singer on Reddit as the episode continued. After the first person’s mask was revealed in the middle of the episode and the second person was revealed at the end of the episode, fans were disappointed with the speed of the eliminations. With three of the four singers eliminated immediately in the first week, one fan took to Reddit to write: “I’m starting to think it’s bad that only one of them makes it through each week.”

William Shatner in The Masked Singer

This person was not alone. People started responding to his comment and almost everyone agreed with them. One said that this might be a selling point for masked singer To get celebrities on the show if they know they only have to be there for one night. Someone else speculated that these are the three big names that will all be eliminated immediately. A third said it was a “waste” of celebrities and clothes.

After all, it ruins the guessing game. “It’s really hard to guess the singer from a song, especially if he’s trying to hide his voice,” said one. Finally, one person asked if the costumes would be less impactful because they were only on TV for a week and never appeared again.

other masked singer Fans love the new format

One fan said they loved it because they were always surprised by the unmasking. When celebrities last for weeks, people online notice and ruin the unmasking. In other cases, the clues reveal it and it’s time to unmask. One example is that most people already know that Harp is probably Amber Riley. On the other hand, masked singer The first week saw the surprise elimination of William Shatner and Eric Idol.

Eric Idle in The Masked Singer

The moment when the celebrity is unmasked is arguably the best part of the show. This can help masked singer GET BETTER CELEBRITIES Maybe the crazy A-list celebrities that Ken Jung envisions will actually come true.

Do you like the new format? A masked singer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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