The cooking show sticks to its usual recipe, but it’s still cracking TV

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  • Aug 10, 2022

The cooking show sticks to its usual recipe, but it’s still cracking TV

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and this reality Famous chef It pops up every August to see you through the year as you go from drinking beer in the evening “because it’s sunny” to drinking one “because it’s getting dark”.

On Wednesday, the show returned for its 17th seasonthe seventh A series of relatively mild challenges and a new batch of celebrity contestants. While its strange combinations are always one of the constructive elements Famous chef The best celebrity reality shows (as a master chef Super I’ll admit I’m biased, but you sure would rather do it dancing on IceIsn’t it?), the diverse cast that the cast has managed to assemble for 2022 is a lot of fun – thank goodness Chris Eubank will be in the following weeks.

However, in the first episode, comedian Kay Kurd, Danny from McFly, Faye from love island Paul Chuckle, known for his “record number of Ofcom complaints”, and surprisingly, Nancy Del Olio, who wore leopard print trousers and six-inch boots in the kitchen.

All normal master chef The furniture was there—and even those traditions that long-suffering fans describe as “actually a little uncomfortable” (ie Greg Wallace smiling wide-eyed at the contestants for a long half-beat) felt familiar and welcoming. John Torode declared that “Chef Lite” like a race commentator wearing a straight jacket, someone (Nancy) made a dish that was best described as “mush”, and unfortunately the meat was mistreated. It was good to be back

The first episode began with an “under the cloche” task, which challenged celebrities to cook something using ingredients that were randomly assigned to them. The ingredients ranged from the very simple – Paul took mushrooms and made a well-received soup – to the actually quite technically difficult (Fey was given a poussin), and although most of the bunch acquitted themselves well, this It was Kai who finally finished. Bottom of the candle for, unfortunately, boiling his eggplants.

It’s all part of the fun Famous chef: while professionals It’s incredibly impressive, and the original version for amateur chefs shows the contestants progressing over the weeks, the celebrity series providing the best laughs (though Kae, in turn, fared much better in the rest of the episode). And it also reflects the abilities of the audience watching at home.

While celebrities may be famous entertainers or athletes, they aren’t necessarily the biggest eaters, and this year’s contestants are no exception: Paul said he’s happy with eggs and chips for dinner (“You can’t beat with bread and butter. She smiled a beautiful smile, already destined to be one of the breakout stars of the show), and when John was asked what he kept in his fridge for serving at home, Nancy replied : “Water… champagne… and wine.” Full answer.

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After the ingredient challenge, there was a palette test: celebrities were asked to identify the flavors in a pile of Korean fried chicken wings and then recreate the dish. Danny and Kai were most impressed (“I’m really proud of myself,” Kai triumphantly told the cameras), while Paul and Faye did well enough, but Nancy struggled.

At the end of the episode, the celebs finally got to cook their own inventions: Danny went for the wagyu beef with chimichurri and once again got the best reviews, while Paul’s salmon wellingtons defied any claims of “soggy bottom” and the fey biscuits avoided , although it was sweet, it was reduced dramatically. Kai had his rib-eye steaks undercooked, but his mac and cheese was a hit, so it ended up being Nancy’s Eggplant Parmigiana, complete with fried eggplant, which was considered the weakest of the bunch and sent packing—and it was her. Only briefly in the show does she disappear (her admission that she’d rather have “someone cook for me” and attend “a lot of nice restaurants” was a highlight of the hour for me).

Next time, the rest of the contestants will – as always – cook in a professional kitchen, where they will no doubt describe the experience as “tough but exciting”. We know all that, but we’ll watch anyway. Because eventually, though Famous chef It doesn’t offer anything new, is that why we like it? The show’s long-running recipe is more people-pleasing — and even after 17 episodes, I’m still greedily devouring another episode.

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