“The Cine Buzz” Joined hands with “Celewish” to fill the huge gap between brands & celebrities – Sangri Today

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  • Aug 02, 2022

“The Cine Buzz” Joined hands with “Celewish” to fill the huge gap between brands & celebrities – Sangri Today

Recently ‘The Cine Buzz’ announced its partnership with India’s first celebrity meet and greet platform ‘Celewish’ for ‘The Cine Buzz For Business’ campaign.

Cine Buzz brings to the reader thousands of content pieces in the world of celebrity news and gossip, OTT news, hot TV content, box office updates, fashion and lifestyle, paparazzi and more.

recently, “Cine Buzz“Announced their partnership for ‘The Cine Buzz For Business’ campaign with the first celebrity meet and greet platform in India.”Selvi“.

Today “Buzz Cinema” has more than 3000 people on board, including some international celebrities, in cooperation with “Selwish”.

With this campaign, The Cine Buzz aims to start a conversation about how brands/advertisers can become an ad through celebrity endorsements and we get to follow it with style and ease.

Ronit Raj“Our partnership with Celewish will lead to more brand endorsements with all categories of celebrities,” said The Cine Buzz founder. The company has successfully hosted over 2,000 video shout-outs for fans and over 150 brand endorsements with top artists, including film producer Karan Johar (IITIIMShaadi.com), Sunny Leone for Cobra Pregnancy Kit, Kareena Kapoor Khan for Glorio Lemintz, Ritu Phogat for Monster Energy, and actor Govinda (Amani Mobile Accessories).

Why have we joined hands?

Many brands do not have the right links to connect with these celebrities. Not everyone can find a celebrity manager through a Google search. We help brands connect directly with celebrities. Both the name and the brand can save a significant amount of time and energy Mohsen Khan (CEO and founder), actor Anwar al-Hassan Anu (COO & Co-Founder) Celewish Media Pvt Ltd.

Promote your business through celebrities

“The Cine Buzz For Business” helps you connect with top-notch superstars real and fast, thus helping you to create highly engaging, highly engaging and remarkably actionable content. and turn your audience and viewers into your potential customers. . However, the more the celebrity uses the product, the more likely the consumer will accept the endorsement.

To know more about ‘The Cine Buzz for Business’ platform – read on

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