The ‘celebrities’ Who Pollute The Most With Their ‘jets’

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  • Aug 02, 2022

The ‘celebrities’ Who Pollute The Most With Their ‘jets’

The main culprit global warmingBecause of Climate changerelease carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is one of the areas where all environmental measures are focused to reduce Climate crisisAnd one of its actions is to correct harmful habits for the environment.

In the globalization of the world, level It played an essential role. Flights connect places on the planet that are thousands of kilometers away in just a few hours, allowing cargo to be transported much faster than by sea or land. However, kerosene Combustible It is used by aircraft, which is very polluting.

Just as an airplane emits far more greenhouse gas emissions per kilometer than any other mode of transportation, its use is also highly unequal. According to a study by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, only 15% of the world’s population take 70% of the flights. Or so it goes: just 1% of the people on the planet produce 50% of the world’s aviation-related publications.

[Así es “pájaro de acero”, el impresionante jet privado del cantante Nicky Jam]

Airplanes are particularly harmful to the environment or private jet, because they generate far more greenhouse gas emissions per passenger than commercial flights. A few weeks ago, Yard, a sustainability-focused marketing consultancy, published a report in which it analyzed the private airplane trips of several celebrities and came up with a “ranking.” Less environmentally friendly,

However, Yard gives a brief explanation and specifies, however, whose data is it? Private jets of celebrities, it is not possible to determine that they are registered flights every time. And he states that the purpose of this study is to “highlight the negative impact of using private planes”.

With data extracted from websites like Famous jets Or in the ADS-B exchange (aircraft tracking systems), Yard highlights a pattern that often recurs in the flying habits of celebrities: With very short flights and very high environmental costs,

[El nuevo jet privado de Elon Musk: de California a España a casi la velocidad del sonido]

“The average amount of CO2 produced by private jets in each celebrities, 3377 tons To put this in perspective, a person usually has at least seven. publishes CO₂. tons of Year”. And the year is not over yet. Other data that the study shows is that the average time each celebrity spent in the air was more than an hour of flight and about 100 kilometers away.

It is 10 o’clock Celebrities Who pollutes the most with their private jets?

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