Stars get naughty

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  • Aug 03, 2022

Stars get naughty

filmmaker Karan Johar manages to get celebrities to talk about sex on their show

From ‘Shab Aul’ to a sex and threesome playlist, celebrities didn’t shy away from voicing their ‘evil’ thoughts on the popular show ‘Koffee Ba ​​Karan’ hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar.

The seventh edition of this talk show is currently airing on Disney + Hotstar and the movie is Who’s Who of Indian Cinema.

Ranveer and Alia were the first to be a part of the show’s first episode which premiered on July 8 on the OTT platform. The ’83’ star opened up about how she has a “sexually diverse playlist”.

Ranveer had said, “I have different sex playlists. For sensual, passionate, loving sex. Then for dirty, dirty sex. Different sex playlists.”

He then talked about having a “quick in the vanity van”. “There’s an element of danger to it, but that’s what makes it more exciting,” he shared. While Alia said ‘Suhag Raat’ does not exist and is “just a myth”, Ranveer revealed that he was not at all tired after the wedding.

The second episode aired on July 14 featured Janhvi and Sara. Ki Jo had asked Janhvi about having sex with her ex-husbandDaddy“No, can’t go back,” replied the star.

In the third episode, it was Karan who was talking about himself sex life With Akshay Kumar And Samantha Karan opened up about her sex life while discussing her personal life with Samantha, saying: “My love and my sex’s so lonely Sam. You and I are floating in the same boat,” cryptically hinting at a breakup. He points out.



The episode featuring Vijay and Ananya was a fiery episode! It gave details about the Telugu star that no one knew before. Vijay, who is now known as the country’s sexiest single man, revealed to Karan that the most public place he has had sex is on a ‘boat’. Appearing with co-star “Liger”. Ananya Panday In the fourth episode, Vijay explained that the boat in question was actually “like a small yacht”. Karan replied: In the middle of the ocean? Hearing the actor’s response, Karan said it was sexy, even as Ananya said, “I don’t do all that.” Karan jumped at Ananya’s statement and asked her if she had had sex in a public place, to which she said, “I haven’t.” Vijay also stated that he had sex in the car. Karan then asked, “But aren’t they upset? “I haven’t done anything to the car.” “Desperate times,” the Liger star called it.

The upcoming episode will have ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ stars Amir Khan And Kareena Kapoor Khan. In the promo, the host asks Kareena, “Quality sex after baby, myth or reality?” “You don’t know,” Karina says. To which Karan replies, “My mother watches this show and you all talk bad about my sex life.” Pat received a cheeky reply from Amer: “Your mother doesn’t mind you talking about other people’s sex lives”.

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