S’poreans JJ Lin & Stefanie Sun called out by Chinese for not showing support for ‘One China’ – Mothership.SG

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  • Aug 05, 2022

S’poreans JJ Lin & Stefanie Sun called out by Chinese for not showing support for ‘One China’ – Mothership.SG

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A list of names of celebrities from around the world was published on Chinese social media platform Weibo on August 3, with the sole purpose of calling them out for not supporting “One China”.

The list, compiled by a Chinese netizen, emerged after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on August 2, making it the highest-level US visit to the island in 25 years, and immediately It angered the Chinese government.

“One China” post on Weibo

In response to Pelosi’s visit, China’s state broadcaster CCTV posted on its Weibo account declaring that “there is only one China”.

The CCTV post was then shared on the personal Weibo accounts of many Chinese celebrities, including celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Celebrities who shared this post include Charmaine Sheh, Angela Chang, Rainie Yang, Joe Chen and Amber Kuo.

Such a move would be interpreted as tacit support for China’s position, and would be considered in favor of the government among pro-government Chinese.

The “One China” post has been shared about 10 million times.

Who appeared on the list?

The list of celebrities who don’t share the post includes many celebrities who aren’t even from China.

Celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the United States, and even Taiwan entered the list.

Taiwanese celebrities who make up the majority of the names on the list include Ji Cho, E-Mei, Elva Hsiao, Julien Tsai, Xiao S, Harlem Yu, Shu Lu, Jam Hsiao, and singers Selina Jen and Hebei Tin of the girl group SHE.

Singaporean celebrities on the list included JJ Lin and Stephanie Sun, as well as Jet Li.

Famous Malaysian people include Michelle Yeoh and Fish Leong.

Canadians Eddie Peng and Addison Chen and Americans Wilbur Pan and Zhou Ke Yu all made the list.

The reason for the list?

The netizen who provided the list of celebrities who did not share the CCTV Weibo post explained, “Sharing may be a surface level (showing agreement). But for those who don’t share it, they definitely have something to hide. “

In response to a comment that JJ Lin, Stephanie Sun, and Fish Leung aren’t from China in the first place and don’t need to express their views, the person who submitted the list replied: “So, are they on this paid list? Didn’t make it. Mainland? Aren’t they part of our local scene?

But the list has been deleted.


The “One China” policy is a diplomatic endorsement of China’s longstanding position that there is only one Chinese government.

The Chinese government considers Taiwan a breakaway province and, despite not previously controlling Taiwan, has not ruled out using force to take control of the island.

China considers the visits of foreign government officials as recognition of the island’s sovereignty.

Top photos via JJ Lynn’s Instagram, Stephanie Sun’s Instagram

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