Sophie Bush on ‘One Tree Hill,’ Climate Change, Podcast With Hilarie Burton

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  • Sep 23, 2022

Sophie Bush on ‘One Tree Hill,’ Climate Change, Podcast With Hilarie Burton

Sophia Bush is a self-described “narrow” person and isn’t afraid to admit it. He is fascinated by science and the world around him, which sparked his interest in activism long before he became famous for his film roles. A hill full of trees And Chicago PD.

As a young woman growing up in Pasadena, California, Bush spent much of her time addressing issues that were important to her. With rising temperatures, droughts and catastrophic wildfires in his home state, the fight against climate change has dominated his psyche in recent years. “Growing up in Southern California, having access to the mountains, the desert, the ocean and that, it’s crazy to me that we can’t all agree that the weather should be the number one priority,” she tells StyleCaster. And I think sometimes, like the ones we’ve been in especially in the last two years, where we’ve had public health stresses, where we’ve read the UN climate report that’s coming. . “An uninhabitable planet feels hopeless.” Technological innovation is what keeps Bush optimistic, he says, as he discusses his partnership with multinational corporation 3M for Climate Week. “You look to organizations and companies like this that are doing data research to find solutions, and that’s where I see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he says. This is where I find happiness.”

Bush also enjoyed reconnecting with her co-stars Bethany Joy Lens and Hilary Burton to rewatch episodes of the popular teen drama. A hill full of trees and mirror podcast episodes called drama queen. It’s not just for nostalgia purposes, though. Bush has spoken in the past about his unpleasant experiences on set as a 20-year-old with a burgeoning Hollywood career. In 2017, actors and agents, incl drama queen The trio wrote a letter accusing former show host Mark Shoven of sexual harassment and creating a toxic work environment. Many of us were, to varying degrees, psychologically and emotionally manipulated. More than one of us is still being treated for PTSD Variety and signed by 18 members of the cast and crew. “Many of us were put in uncomfortable situations and had to quickly learn to defend ourselves, sometimes physically, because it became clear to us that the wardens were not the protectors they were supposed to be.” Now 40, Bush and her “sisters” Les and Burton are reclaiming the show for themselves and improving in the process.

What’s very clear to me, and we took the time to learn that because it was a tough environment, is that we’ve always been a love story. It has always been about female friendships.

All of this ties into Bush’s basic motivation for advocating change. While some celebrities simply use their platform of fame to raise awareness, Bush is all about action. He has raised nearly half a million dollars for charity, built schools in Guatemala and Laos, and is a founding member of Time’s Up, a non-profit organization that supports victims of sexual abuse. Bush is unapologetic about standing up for what he believes in on social media, even in the face of backlash (online bullies like to tell celebrities to “stay the course,” apparently forgetting that actors live on the same planet as them ). “At the end of the day, I don’t believe in giving up doing what’s right because it’s hard,” she previously told Women’s Wear Daily. “I think it’s hard to do the right thing often, but I see it as a really sacred responsibility.” While fighting climate change as an individual may seem overwhelming, Bush talks passionately about the small things he has done to improve his environmental impact on the world. His eyes light up like a kid at Christmas when he talks about sustainable packaging. “I switched from regular plastic bags and plastic wrap to resealable bags and beeswax coating,” she explains to StyleCaster. “Last year, when my lease was up, I switched to an electric vehicle and I swear I’ll never look back.” He even composted his New York friends in their apartments. Everyone has the same “I literally can’t believe I threw all this away” reaction when they start composting.

What small changes have you made in your life to live more environmentally responsible?

I keep a garden and five years ago I started to build my garden, little by little, I planted fruit trees and then planted avocados. Then I started keeping bees and then I got chickens. It was like a complete adventure. Even before I had a garden, I tried to shop primarily at the farmer’s market to support local farmers, but also buy produce that didn’t have to travel too far to get to me.

Also, many of us send letters. 3M has developed this plastic wrap or bubble wrap alternative. It is stable. It’s paper, and as a beekeeper, when I cut it open this morning, it looks like a honeycomb. It even locks into itself so it doesn’t even need glue. I work in an industry where I have to send a lot of mail, people send scripts, send products for things, and sometimes we have to ship wardrobes to other states. And I’m happy with the idea that we can stop using plastic when we have to send mail.

You have started a podcast called drama queen for which you re-watch, and somehow re-live, A hill full of trees. what was that I feel it has been absolutely admirable.

We talk a lot about how our show is like the epitome of the proverbial “it was the best of times and it was the worst of times,” and most people can’t go back and take back the things that mattered to them. . We’ve had this incredible moment as three women, who are advocates, actors, producers, directors, creatives, and thinkers, to step back and take back our show. And basically what we can do is keep the best times and throw the rest in the trash all together. It is such a profound experience.

What lessons have you learned about yourself since then?

There are so many lessons you’ve learned over a decade of working with people and then another decade of friendship, I don’t know if I can distill them. But I think what’s very clear to me, which we took the time to learn because it was a tough environment, is that we’ve always been a love story. It’s always been about female friendships, it’s always the community that you have and will have and that will hold you. And it is really beautiful for us. As we’ve processed the good, the bad, the ugly, it’s amazing to do it together. And hearing that our friendship from the fans of this show has been an example for them to prove their friendship or heal their experiences in their lives, it has been very impressive and meaningful. Just as we need to talk about climate and we need to talk about innovation, we need to talk about mental health and communication skills. So, it’s very interesting for us to be able to solve all this together.

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