Sharing bathroom selfies becomes the new B-town trend

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  • Dec 17, 2022

Sharing bathroom selfies becomes the new B-town trend

Boi-boo pictures seem to have come into their own while answering the call of nature in ultra-luxurious bathrooms—at least, celebrities seem to find these momentous occasions worth capturing on camera and sharing with the world.

From Halle Berry to Madonna, Billie Eilish to Emilia Clarke, celebrities show off their bathing habits, some even in their underwear. Bollywood star and new mother Alia Bhatt has joined the list of celebrities, who started the trend of bathroom selfies here in India.

Alia shared two bathroom selfies with her followers. She looks lovely in a pink ensemble and has her hair styled in a sleek ponytail. In the first picture, he is simply posing in front of the camera, and in the second picture, he makes a funny face with his face on his hands. Sharing the post, the actress wrote, “Sunday mornings are for finding the perfect light and aimlessly running my bathroom shoot. Happy Sunday, followed by sun emoticons.

Although he’s as good as Hollywood celebs slathering themselves while sitting on vases with a glass of champagne or wine in hand, who knows what will come out of the Indian celebrity bathroom next?

private space

“Makeup is a private business. No form of your personal business should be made public.” Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP and founder of the Indian School of Image Management, believes, “Nobody likes to see someone on social media looking like they’re having breakfast at Contact with nature is involved, and you also don’t want your employer to find this on your profile. Second, it’s incredibly unsanitary. On the one hand, we like to disinfect everything we touch. On the other hand, drinking for Drinking in the toilet is dirty, unhealthy and disgusting.

Sonia Dubeywan

“As an etiquette expert, I would never teach that to anyone,” says Doan.

Disgustingly generic

“Any publicity is good publicity,” they say. The bathroom offers a sense of privacy, but this conflicts with your decision to share images of your private time. When a celebrity pulls a stunt and gets a lot of eyeballs, it usually starts a trend. The more viewers, the more followers, the more endorsements, the more money.

Dewan feels that while Alia’s latest selfie is fine because it’s her in the spotlight and no part of the toilet is visible, it would be a disaster if it started a trend that “matches the level of Hollywood toilet pictures.” Was. And the bad influence on the followers, the common people.

While Halle Berry clicked a ‘potty party’ when she hit two million Instagram followers, Crazy Ex Girlfriend creator Rachel Bloom captioned her bathroom photo: ‘My number one step to getting red carpet ready is number one. » Similarly, Madonna captioned her snap: “I’m packing my sh**… finally!!”

Inappropriate oversharing

Another mystery today is why so many people seem so eager to tell others how much time they spend on the bathroom. “I think any kind of oversharing is not appropriate, and especially something as private as using the bathroom,” says Suneeta Sodhi Kanga, international etiquette and international business communications expert on cross-cultural sensitivity. Such trends are introduced.

Sunita Sodhi Kanga

On the other hand, when talking about the photo of Charlie Theron sitting in a luxurious bathroom in fancy clothes with a glass of champagne, Sunitt feels that this photo is beautiful because he is not actually using the bathroom. She posed in it and was fully clothed and looked very pretty and beautiful. It didn’t sound offensive at all. He also sees a photo of Adrien Brody sitting in the middle of a lawn in what appears to have been a toilet flush, a hilarious photo.

However, he believes that many pictures of Hollywood celebrities in pants / underwear and their children in the room in their underwear are pathetic. “Being an etiquette coach, I think it’s totally inappropriate,” says Suneeta.

Photos of toilets

* Alia shared two selfies from the bathroom with her followers. She looks lovely in a pink ensemble and has her hair styled in a sleek ponytail.

*Madonna captioned her snap: “I’m packing my sh**?????? FINALLY!!”