Pakistani celebrities mourn the martyrs of Army helicopter crash in Balochistan

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  • Aug 03, 2022

Pakistani celebrities mourn the martyrs of Army helicopter crash in Balochistan

Destruction in Paradise really matches the current situation of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The devastating flood completely submerged several districts. To the regret of many people, an army helicopter carrying six officers, including the commander of the Quetta Corps, Lt. Gen. Sarfraz Ali, crashed while carrying out relief activities. Like any other citizen, Pakistani celebrities were devastated and mourned martyrs (martyrs).

These officers were part of the relief operation in Balochistan due to the monsoon floods that started in mid-June and have claimed 500 lives so far, including 149 in Balochistan alone. COAS confirmed that all the personnel of this helicopter embraced martyrdom and added: This accident occurred due to bad weather and poor visibility during the rescue operation in the province. He continued that the copper carcass was discovered.

The helicopter disappeared on Monday after losing contact with air traffic control. The army launched a search operation that was hampered by the rugged mountainous terrain of the Las Bela region.

Prayers and condolences started from political figures and drama personalities. The loss of martyrs will always be remembered.

The media wing of the army announced on Tuesday that the wreckage of a military helicopter that went missing on Monday night was found in a coastal area of ​​Balochistan and none of its six officers and crew survived the crash.

Commander of the 12th Corps, Lieutenant General Sarfaraz Ali, Major General Amjad Hanif, Brigadier Mohammad Khaled, Major Saeed Ahmed, Major Umm Talha Manan and Naik Mudassar Fayaz were on the Mi-17 helicopter of the Air Force. Lieutenant General Ali supervised the relief operations in Balochistan, which has been severely affected by flash floods caused by heavy monsoon rains in this province.

Details – Balochistan martyrs of helicopter crash

Lt Gen Sarfraz Ali, who was the Commandant of the Command and Staff College in Quetta, was commissioned in the Sixth Azad Kashmir Regiment in March 1989 and served in the Pakistan Army for 33 years. Director General of Pakistan Coast Guard, Major General Amjad Hanif was commissioned in 19 Azad Kashmir Regiment in April 1994 and served in Pakistan Army for 29 years.

The commander of the 12 Corps of Engineers, Brigadier General Muhammad Khalid, was assigned to the 20 Engineer Battalion in 1994 and served in the Pakistan Army for 29 years. Major Saeed Ahmed was the pilot and Major Mohammad Talha Manan was the co-pilot. Naik Medsar Fayaz, the crew chief was also on board and embraced Shahadat.

Major General Amjad Hanif was the Director General of Pakistan Coast Guard. A native of Rawalkot, AJK, he was commissioned in 19 Kashmir Regiment in April 1994 and served in the Pakistan Army for 29 years. He is survived by one daughter and two sons.

Brigadier General Khaled was the commander of the 12th Corps. He ensured clearance of landmines and other Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) in former tribal areas during Operation Zarb Azan. Being from the Corps of Engineers, he was now leading the entire relief and rescue operations in flood-hit Balochistan.

Among the other crew members was Major Saeed Ahmad (pilot) who is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter who belonged to the Larkana region of Sindh. Major Mohammad Talha Manan (co-pilot) is survived by his wife and two sons. The crew chief of Naik Madsar Fayaz was also a married man from Narwal district.

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