Mena Suvari Admitted That Her Early Hollywood Career Still Impacts Her Today

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  • Dec 17, 2022

Mena Suvari Admitted That Her Early Hollywood Career Still Impacts Her Today

It’s no secret that Hollywood stars have had their share of struggles with addiction and abuse in various forms. From Jane Fonda’s laxative addiction and weight loss, to stars like Kylie Jenner opening up about her battle with postpartum depression, it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just regular people who have to go through their own struggles like regular civilians. . And while talking about mental health and struggles may have been taboo in the past, the tide has turned and people are brave enough to express their experiences, whether it’s through a book, a documentary, or just talking about it during a course. interview.

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Actress Meena Sowari is just one of the Hollywood stars who find themselves battling their inner demons, something that is unfortunately common among those starting out in Hollywood, an industry that has its own demons. And it works against it.

Mena Suvari survived drug abuse and addiction

Mena Sawari started her Hollywood journey in 1995 on the hit TV show Boy Meets World when she was just 15 years old, but it wasn’t until she started her career that she experienced one of the hardest things a person can go through. .

At the age of 12, Sawari was sexually assaulted by someone in her school who also bullied her. Sawari said the experience “drew the life out of me” and that he will sadly continue his career.

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From a young age, people would constantly comment on how much older she looked than she was. She dated partners much older than her, which no one could stop. Suvari eventually turned to drugs when her mother left the family, saying she felt “completely helpless and hopeless.”

Unfortunately, her relationships with men did not improve and Suvari was also emotionally and physically abused. Sowari admits he felt he had to lean into hypersexuality, a move that landed him in perhaps one of his best-known films. American beauty.

It was a tone that continued through most of his acting career, including experiences with photographers. Much later in his career he realized that what he was experiencing was indeed abuse and began to distance himself from the persona he had portrayed for so long.

Suvari has a history of anxiety

Mena’s history of abuse was also accompanied by a history of anxiety, which she blames in part on the sexual assault she experienced when she was 12 and the mindset it put her in.

“I have memories of feeling alone. So alone. That no one was going to ask me if I was okay, no one was really going to care, no one was really going to do anything,” Suvari explains. and so I just learned to do everything myself – and so no one noticed. I became very good at doing what was asked of me.”

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this American Pie The actress admits she plans to be more open about her journey with mental health, admitting she’s trying not to hide her struggles anymore, saying she’s more than willing to “take away some of the pain for somebody.” And how to do it. It breaks her heart to imagine anyone else going through a similar struggle.

Sowari says while writing his memoirs, great peacehelped him process many of the emotions and experiences he had gone through and helped him to overcome some of the trauma he carries with him to this day.

The birth of his son did not go as expected

Parenthood and childbirth can be a beautiful experience, as many parents describe the experience of birth as an exhilarating experience full of unconditional love. This is most likely the case for parents who have an uneventful birth, or who are able to closely follow their ideal birth plan.

Unfortunately, some things just can’t be planned, as was the case with Mena Sawari and the birth of her son Christopher. Suvari remembers spending 24 hours in the hospital after some time at home and how her epidural had to be redone after the first one.

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Sowari ended up having to have an emergency C-section, an experience that left her frustrated that she was unable to give birth naturally.

Suvari admits she still struggles with postpartum depression after her son is born, and details hormone testing and working with a postpartum doula to help her navigate her emotions. Like many new mothers, she details that she wants space for herself, but feels guilty about not being in her son’s face at all times.

And Mena hopes that opening up about her struggles will help other parents facing similar problems see that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Suvari is living proof that a person can work through their demons and still be successful after all these years.

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