Mariyam Nafees is not okay with people questioning her activism following her LSA attendance – Celebrity

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  • Nov 29, 2022

Mariyam Nafees is not okay with people questioning her activism following her LSA attendance – Celebrity

This year’s Lux Style Awards (LSAs) have created quite a stir, with celebrities thrusting themselves into the limelight just by attending the event. Maryam Nafee is one of the actors who has faced negative reactions because of her presence, but she is not willing to sit down and let her activity be questioned. particle for direct object hypocrite The actor defended himself and said that he was simply doing his job.

On Monday, she shared a note on Instagram with the caption, “Will keep fighting the good fight,” and turned off comments. In it, he posed a series of questions to fans: “I don’t allow my activities to be questioned because you saw me doing interviews and being abusive or disturbing?” Did you see me in the same frame as them? Did you see me cheering them on?” he asked. I have not and do not approve of any of the things I am accused of. My position does not and will not change. I was there to do my job!”

particle for direct object Koch not lettuce The actress said she has always gone “above and beyond” to raise her voice against abuse and harassment. “You will always, always find me with the victims,” ​​he concluded.

Recently, actor Usman Khaled Butt also wrote a long note to explain his presence in this event and stood by his decision. He was proud to present the award posthumously to famous singer Nazia Hassan but felt saddened by the consequences. “It’s unfortunate that that moment was shrouded in controversy. For more than a decade, I’ve stood up for the causes I believe in, fearlessly (and sometimes without publicity) fighting battles that have been detrimental to my career in the industry—and I’m still speaking out: feminism is not a brand. I wear it, it’s ingrained in me.”

Addressing the backlash, she wrote: “It’s very disturbing to read some of the posts on social media, which contain falsehoods calling me out for ‘celebrating and cheering rapists’ (?!), and labeling me ‘Bika’. Weather [sellout] The “chosen activist/hypocrite” raising his voice for “infiltration”. (Someone please let me know how I have benefited from this “infiltration”).

Butt raised some interesting points, one of which was whether celebrities should “throw away opportunities” in the wake of controversy. He also reminded netizens that the candidate they were pushing so hard for was voted in by members of the same community, indicating a bigger problem at hand.

The LSAs came under fire after they released their nomination list, which was sent days before the show. Actor Firoz Khan, who was recently accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife Aliza Sultan, won the Best Actor category. Celebrities and netizens called for the show to reward abusers, and filmmaker Shermin Obeid Chinoy returned his award in protest. Designer Mahin Khan followed suit after the show. The LSA’s official statement responded to the concerns raised, saying, “All shortlisted nominees for the LSA 2022 Viewer’s Choice category are the result of exclusive viewer voting without the involvement of the awards.”

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