Kylie Jenner gets into back-and-forth fight online over questionable lab pictures

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  • Aug 05, 2022

Kylie Jenner gets into back-and-forth fight online over questionable lab pictures

Kylie Jenner He entered into a discussion with the cosmetics manufacturer Kevin James Bennett About the questionable lab pictures this socialite shared on her Instagram Page

Bennett took to her IG to share the pictures of Jenner and called her out for not wearing protective gear like gloves when handling the product.

Jenner was apparently in a manufacturing lab Milan, Italythough he told Bennett that he’s in a “little personal space” where he creates “fun patterns” and takes photos for content.

In the laboratory create new magic Better than ever for you guys,” Jenner captioned the post.

She also trolled Bennett for having the same name as her dog, saying she now has to find something new to call him.

Kylie Jenner got into an online fight

“I know the Kardashian/Jenner stans are coming for my throat because I call them the makeup queen…but WTF Kylie Jenner,” Bennett wrote. “I am a cosmetics developer and I work with cosmetics manufacturers (and their labs) as part of my work. I have very short hair and have never been allowed into a lab or production floor without a hairnet, shoe covers, mask… and disposable gloves.

“Kylie bites her followers He thinks he is producing cosmetics. And I want to know which ignorant manufacturer (in Italy) allowed him to display this photography in his lab and on the production floor – without following proper hygiene protocols. I need this name because I want to make sure my clients never work with them. Folks, this is not the way we make cosmetics and it misrepresents how our industry works. “Reputable manufacturers follow STRICT hygiene protocols to protect you.”

Jenner commented on Bennett’s post to shame her for “spreading misinformation.”

“Kevin – this photo was not taken in a production facility. I would never bypass hygiene protocols and neither would any other celebrity or beauty brand owner. This is totally unacceptable, I agree,” Jenner wrote. “This is a small personal space that creates its own fun examples And taking photos for content somewhere close to mass production.

“No one puts customers at risk! Shame on you Kevin for spreading false information!!!”

The back and forth continues

The back-and-forth between Jenner and Bennett didn’t end there, with the latter telling the former not to lie to her followers.

“Shame on me? No, shame on you or whoever takes care of your social media for trying to make everyone think I’m guilty,” Bennett wrote. “So you were standing on a platform looking at an expensive homogenous kettle that you have processed at least 50 liters of a dye product (product still covering the stirrer paddles) without PPE or tied hair, wearing a @weareregi lab coat?

“But isn’t this a cosmetics manufacturing facility? It’s a personal space? Wow, there is Some serious gassing going on here

Jenner responded, but not before Bennett kept pushing her not to gaslight her audience.

“Are you a cosmetic developer? Do you know how strict the hygiene protocols are in responsible labs? I do. So if you don’t want your feelings hurt, don’t break the rules that protect people’s safety because You want to make shots and make shots. Your score gives you leverage,” Bennett said.And don’t lie about it when called. Just take responsibility for your mistake and move on.”

Jenner then took to troll Bennett and said she had a name too [Kevin] as his dog

Jenner was launched Kylie Cosmetics In 2015, it owned 100 percent until it sold a majority stake to it Cutie In 2019

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