Kristen Bell, Josh Gad Among Celebrities Featured in New Nickelodeon Series ‘The Tiny Chef Show’ (Exclusive)

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  • Aug 04, 2022

Kristen Bell, Josh Gad Among Celebrities Featured in New Nickelodeon Series ‘The Tiny Chef Show’ (Exclusive)

Kristen Bell and Josh Gad are among the celebrity guests who will appear in a new series for Nickelodeon. In a exclusive, Nickelodeon is launching a new series called Little Chef Showwhich follows the main character as he introduces and cooks new recipes for the world’s smallest plant foods from his log home. Little Chef Show Premieres Friday, September 9 at 11:30am ET/PT on Nickelodeon’s Preschool platforms.

In a statement, Chef Tiny said: “I was asked by Mick Flodeon and Blimjin to present Cooking Da Heaven, soon I went to Juvia Child. Along with Bell and Gad, guests will appear on the Tiny Chef Show. , Sky & Ocean Brown, Tabitha Brown, Josh Dela Cruz, Liza Koshy, RZA, That Girl Lay Lay and Keith L. Williams. Guests will talk to Chef Tiny about food, friendship and whatever else is on their mind. It features RuPaul as the voice-over announcer in each episode and showcases the ingredients, food and various dishes prepared by Tiny Chef with the help of his friends Olly, Ruby, Henry and the Stump Band.

Bell is an executive producer Little Chef Show Along with Imagine Entertainment CEOs Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, Imagine Kids+Family president Stephanie Sperber, Morgan Sackett and Tiny Chef creators Rachel Larsen, Adam Reid and Tiny Chef Productions cinematographer Ozlem Akturk. The show was originally greenlit in August 2020 and is Nickelodeon’s second project with Imagine Kids+Family, the first being the live-action series The Astronauts.

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“Chef Riz stole my heart when he taught me how to make a little apron, and I know he stole everyone’s heart like mine,” Ramsey Naito, executive vice president, production and development for Nickelodeon Animation, said in a statement in 2020. will take.” , per deadline Brian Robbins and I want to thank everyone at Imagine Kids+Family for welcoming The Chef to Nickelodeon.

“We’ve worked with some of the biggest stars in the business, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with some of the smallest, too! Chef and his team have created a vibrant, inclusive, community-based world and we at Imagine. Grazer and Howard Jointly said they are excited to share it with audiences big and small.Brian Robbins and his team at Nickelodeon have created the gold standard in children’s entertainment and the perfect home for this series.

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