Kenyan celebrities call for peace ahead of polls

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  • Aug 05, 2022

Kenyan celebrities call for peace ahead of polls

Rapper Trio Mio.

No progress is possible without peace. “Nobody wants to go back to the violence of 2007-2008.” says rapper Monaja Mwenyewe.

When the post-election violence of 2007 broke out in Kenya, teenage music star Terio Mayo was barely four years old.

The 17-year-old, who sold well during the 2022 election campaign thanks to his hit single Gengeton. Sipang Wingoywith Exray Taniua and Ssaru recalling what happened back then.

The same applies to all Gen Zs, many of whom are voting for the first time, as Kenya’s democracy is put to the test during next week’s polls in which 22 million voters are expected to participate. This accounts for about half of Kenya’s population, which is mostly young.

Even after the August 8, 2017 polls, there was violence involving supporters of the winner and the loser.

As protests took to the streets in parts of the country, severe human rights violations occurred.

There are five days left until another poll and on this chilly Nairobi night, scores of artistes have gathered at a leading music recording studio for a common, patriotic call.

At short notice, they have come together for a song of peace, a song that will see a message of national unity among Kenyans. Trio Mio has also joined his fellow celebrities in forming this opinion.

Here, showbiz contestants have buried the hatchet and shared the booth with lyrics of peace, love and unity. Dubbed song One Kenya, one people, one loveis officially published today.

This song is for Kenyans and speaks to what the majority want – a peaceful political transition. Trio Mayo’s mother Sophia Irma says Kenyans do not want a repeat of what happened in the last election.

Trio Mio urges Kenyans to put country first as they add their voice to the track.

It is a fusion of genres that many Kenyans can relate to. A fusion of Reggae, Gengetone, Hip Hop, RnB, and Contemporary Gospel performed in English and Kiswahili.

“This project is close to my heart. We have prayed for peace and have arranged a concert for this Friday (today) at the CPF House near the Parliament building. The concert is named Kenya for Jesus Christ and will feature many artists including; Says Mercy Masika, Lady Bee, Nicah The Queen, Victor Mbuvi, Janet Otieno, Moji Short Baba, Evelyn Wanjiru, Pitson and David Wonder.

Size 8 experienced the political chaos of 2007 first hand. Its effects not only destabilized the socio-economic well-being of creative people like him, but also brought pain and suffering to his near and dear ones.

As a stable country, we take peace for granted. We need to be intentional about preaching peace.” He says.

Jones’ calligraphy is also part of this peace plan. “Our election cycle has historically been marred by tension, and if my influence helps bring our people together, I’m more than willing to play my patriotic role. Peace to me means coexistence,” he says. Despite differing opinions.”

According to Wambui Nyutu, a National Commission on Cohesion and Integration (NCIC), the country cannot ignore the influence of artistes on Kenyans.

We needed to ensure a peaceful Kenya before, during and after the elections. This music project is the reason why Kenyans will not hate each other just because they come from different tribes. That is why we will respect the democratic choices of others. That is why cohesion will grow.

One of the biggest influencers on youth are artists, says NCIC Commissioner Danvas Makori.

“It was a no-brainer to get involved and partner with some of our greatest artists to inspire patriotism, and love for one another, and build a strong foundation for our country’s future and future,” he says.

Gospel musician Mercy Masika was also present for the recording. As a national goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, he has interacted with refugees and witnessed what national differences can do to a country.

“I have interacted with refugees in the Kakuma refugee camp and heard the painful stories that war brings. Kenyans should know that war is a bad place. I love peace and I am happy that Kenya is paradise. We must value and protect our peace more. Let’s embrace peace,” he says.

R&B and reggae musician Weir says that musicians have the power to use their voices to make a positive impact.

“This is the best way I can say thank you for my gift of music,” he says.

Banga musician Samidu, who is also a law enforcer, says he lost a loved one due to the political chaos.

“I have been a victim of political instability that has resulted in the loss of a loved one, peace means life to me. As a patriotic Kenyan, I must defend and preserve peace at a time like this,” he said. “

On the other hand, the majority of Hazaras have vowed not to vote, something that singer Muji Short Baba disagrees with.

“If you don’t vote, you have no business complaining about bad governance. “I want all young people to go out and exercise their democratic right.”

As the creative industry is transformed by technological advancement, Moji argues that the next government should prioritize the industry by formulating the right policies and infrastructure.

We have to go back to our lives after the elections. After all is done and dusted, we will still need our country and our neighbors as one. Tukwue WangwanaHe says.

According to Deejay Crème de la crème, the creations have been abandoned by the current government. He expressed hope that the future government will take creativity seriously and have continuous interaction and consultation. “But what will always be constant is that we are Kenyans and we stand together,” he says.

Rapper King Kaka is very interested in elections. “I’m not just voting as a citizen or an entrepreneur, I’m voting as a father. The decisions we make today will determine the future of our children. The only way our children can have a bright future is if the systems finally work in Kenya.” . ” He says.

He adds, “As the CEO of one of the pioneer music stables in Kenya, I had to create systems in the music industry to generate revenue to sustain our company. The property must work seamlessly for our youth to earn a living.”

Both young and old agree that if Kenyans did not vote and chaos erupted from their petty differences, we would be doing our motherland an irreparable injustice.

This is the time to make a wise decision not only by voting but by electing a wise and capable leader to grow the economy. Be a champion of peace and don’t let any politician use you to create chaos. We need our nation united, we need each other despite our different political ideologies.” Rapper Vioxii Dedee says.

His sentiments were echoed by Southey Sol: “Kenya is our home, we love this country because it has given us so many blessings because of how peaceful and socially stable it has been over the years. We have a responsibility to Let’s make sure that we play our role in maintaining the peace and stability of our home.”

As the heat continues to rise and everyone hopes for a peaceful co-existence, the youth, who are the largest voting population, are urged to vote and keep calm.

We all need to know that this is just a passing wave. We should not bleed for a few big fish that are going to reap big. Let’s hug each other and vote calmly.

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