Jordan Peterson gets demonetized on Youtube

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  • Aug 02, 2022

Jordan Peterson gets demonetized on Youtube

AAccording to a new report by Axios, Youtube It has secretly stopped running ads for two videos featuring the controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson Deliberately naughty actor Elliot Page and compares the care of transgender people to medical experiments conducted during the Nazi era.

The decision is likely to anger Patterson’s online supporters, who believe the platform should not censor him in any way. However, those who disagree with him and think that his words are illegal speech and should be removed are not satisfied.

In late June, Twitter ordered Peterson to remove sexually inappropriate tweets about Page. Targeted misgendering and illegal naming as a form of harassment of transgender individuals are prohibited by Service policy.

following that, Peterson Uploaded by a 15 minute YouTube video Criticism of Twitter and its rules The video repeatedly referred to Page by the wrong name and gender, criticized gender-affirming medical procedures, and referred to transgender identity as a “very harmful fad.”

particle for direct object American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Associationand many other professional associations have all endorsed gender-affirming care, but according to a second Peterson The video is completely false. He claims that this is not just false. “This is at the level of the Gulag and Auschwitz. Inaccuracy at the level of Nazi medical experimentation.”

Both videos on YouTube were recently disabled, which means neither the website nor the Peterson Can benefit from video ads. (The first video has more than 3 million views, while the second has at least 500,000.) However, the videos were still available, and YouTube is still running ads on Peterson’s other videos.

Why did YouTube de-monetize videos?

On demonetisation, Youtube “We set a high bar for videos that can be monetized on YouTube,” YouTube told Axios in response to a question. “Many videos that are allowed on YouTube are ineligible for monetization because they don’t meet our ad-friendly guidelines.” Patterson’s two videos “violated our ad policies on hateful and offensive content and have been pulled.”

although Youtube It has policies against hate speech and harassment that can lead to videos being removed, a lot of anti-transgender content is still allowed to be posted there.

Peterson He’s yet to comment on this new development, but by the looks of it, he’s sure to be pissed off.

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