Interactive world map shows the most famous person from any location

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  • Aug 02, 2022

Interactive world map shows the most famous person from any location

This map shows you where all the famous people are from (Credit:

This map shows you where all the famous people are from (Credit: Topi Tjukanov)

Do you know famous people in your city? Maybe you know hundreds of famous faces, or maybe you don’t think they exist at all.

With the help of an interactive map of famous birthplaces, you can find out exactly how many famous people were born in your city – and how notable they were.

Software developer Topi Tjukanov created the map using a database released by the academics in June. This information from Wikipedia and Wikidata includes the names, birthplaces and dates of birth of millions of notable people throughout history.

The saliency index gives an idea of ​​how influential or influential each celebrity is in relative terms.

The result is an interactive globe where country names are replaced by famous people, allowing users to rotate, scroll and zoom in on any location to find out who was born there.

The bolder the celebrity’s name, the more influential they are.

Sharing the image on Twitter, Tokanov wrote: “Did you know Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar? Who is the most famous person in your city?

As you might expect, some cities are full of famous people: historical and present.

Just look at Greater London featuring Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Yorke and Adele:

This dataset not only leads to interesting visuals, but also helps researchers investigate a variety of social issues.

With this type of data, they can spot changing trends related to celebrities. For example, what is the gender balance of celebrities and how does economic growth and cultural development affect fame.

By focusing on versions of Wikipedia in different languages, the researchers were able to compile a much larger dataset than previous efforts focused on the English language.

Tjukanov told that he created the map for fun, using skills he applies to his job as a senior designer at software company Mapbox.

“I came across this interesting dataset and thought it would look great in the new globe feature.”

He is a prolific map designer and regularly posts his work on his website.

As a side project to his real work, Tjukanov doesn’t plan to do that much to improve the graphics. But he said he has received many suggestions from users.

A lot of people have mentioned some data issues, so I’m going to address them. I have several other ideas, but I don’t have time to implement them [them],’ He said.

I plan to talk to the authors of the original paper who generated the data, and maybe some interesting ideas will come out of this discussion.

Tjukanov says his graphic was inspired by a similar visualization of the United States created by digital publisher The Pudding in 2019.

It showed US residents the “most Wikipedias” of people in their city, with pages for Jason Mamoa, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Pratt some of the most visited.

Tjukanov estimates that he spent about 10 hours compiling the new map. It wasn’t the easiest task, but he says readers with experience in spatial data, data analysis, and visual design might be able to create something similar.

This story has been updated with quotes from Tjukanov.

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