I’m A Celeb: Mike Tindall left fuming at Matt Hancock after mishap

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  • Nov 22, 2022

I’m A Celeb: Mike Tindall left fuming at Matt Hancock after mishap

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Mike Tindall appeared in a furious Matt Hancock on Monday night’s (November 21) episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The former England rugby player, 44, from Otley, is married to Zara Tindall, who is a granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth and shares her experience of being in the royal family.

After Matt Hancock made a mistake about the camp’s breakfast, he was seen complaining about the other campmates.

The MP was tasked with cooking the celebrities’ rationed rice for breakfast before making a terrible mistake.

I’m A Celebrity’s Mike Tyndall was furious after Matt Hancock burned his breakfast.

They were upset after the former health minister left the pot boiling for too long and burnt the rice, leaving them no choice but to eat the burnt rice.

While breakfast was being prepared, Mike Tyndall was seen relaxing in a hammock until news broke that the rice had been burnt.

Celebrities were on the down side after picking up a few stars during previous Bushtalker trials.

This means that many fellow campers feel hungry after surviving on rationed rice and beans.

Mike Tyndall was particularly frustrated by Matt Hancock’s actions and began suing the MP for the mess.

Speaking to Sue Cleaver, who has since left the show, Mike said: “Did Matt even burn the rice this morning? He has burned half of the bloody rice because he doesn’t check anything.

“You’re kidding,” Sue replied in frustration.

The Coronation Street actress was later heard scolding the MP saying, “Staying away from rice is a no no. Satan’s Matt Hancock.”

Mike Tyndall and Sue Cleaver weren’t the only two to be disappointed by Matt’s mistake, Sean Walsh told the Bush Telegraph: “Matt got a bit annoyed with the cooking and forgot the rice was cooking.”

Sean also said later in the camp, “I don’t remember there being so many problems cooking when Charlene was here. I think this restaurant is going down. I’m sorry Matt.”

Matt Hancock was set on fire by his fellow campers after burning his breakfast

Owen Warner, who looked very hungry, was watching the drama and even asked if the rice was inedible.

Matt Hancock then tried to downplay the misadventure, telling the Bush Telegraph: “We saved the day, we got half a pan of rice. Basically we lost a packet of rice. Everything is fine.”

Hopefully, they will be less disappointed on Tuesday after Owen’s success during “Boiling Point – Comeback”.

The 23-year-old Hollyoaks actress managed to secure all nine stars, meaning the camp received extra food on top of their basic rations.

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