How to feel closer to your favourite celebrities

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  • Sep 24, 2022

How to feel closer to your favourite celebrities

If you’re a huge fan of an A-list musician like Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga, it’s easy to want to approach them and do things that make you stand out from the crowd. Indeed, it can be easy to feel that celebrities are above us: they are “distant” beings who live in a world far removed from our everyday lives. We’ve put together some tips to help you bond with your favorite star, whether it’s Harry Styles, Adele or Charlie Puth!

Visit their hometown

No, we’re not suggesting you visit your favorite celebrity’s childhood home, but spending some time in their hometown is a great way to feel intimate and understand what it was like to be in their shoes. You can learn about where they came from, what influenced their music or art, and how they became the person you know and love today. Spend time checking out their favorite ice cream shop and immerse yourself in their world. Ed Sheeran said, “I’m on my way, driving down those country lanes on Route 90, singing to Little Dancer.” “I miss the way you made me feel, and it was real when we watched the sun set over the castle on the hill.” Recreate that magic, and you’ll soon feel connected to them!

Read their biographies

Some of the world’s biggest stars have invited us into their lives in their biographies, and one of the world’s most iconic performers, Britney Spears is about to release her movie. You can learn about their struggles and obstacles and relate to their lives. It’s an opportunity to connect with them through shared experiences and understand their past in a way you may not have once. Not good at studying? Consider documentaries like Lady Gaga’s Five Foot Two or Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana for a behind-the-scenes look at their real lives.

Buy some jewelry

Another way to get closer to the celebrities you care about is to buy jewelry that reminds you of them. You might buy a replica of their iconic pieces, something from their merchandise booth, or even something that reminds you of them, like this stunner. hug ring. Jewelry can have a lot of sentimental value and remind you of your favorite celebrities when you’re going through good times and bad times, and it’s a way to express yourself.

Follow them online

One of the most obvious ways to feel closer to your favorite celebrities is to follow them on social media and be notified when they post new content. It’s also worth turning on their post notifications on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram so you can get notified when they go live. You never know what they’ll announce—a new song, a fragrance launch, or even a meet-and-greet you can be a part of. And hey, you might even ask a question during the live stream that they can answer and give you a special moment to remember.

Remember, they are human

Finally, although it can be fun to idolize celebrities and make them a part of your life, you have to remember that they are human too. Don’t expect the world from them and remember that you are unlikely to ever meet them. Use celebrities as a crutch and a way to express yourself and feel part of a larger community, but know when enough is enough and give yourself a break when necessary. Spend time in the real world with people you love.

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