How have celebrities reacted to Brittney Griner’s 9-year Russian prison sentence?

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  • Aug 06, 2022

How have celebrities reacted to Brittney Griner’s 9-year Russian prison sentence?

Alarm bells went off when Phoenix Mercury center and eight-time star Brittney Greiner was arrested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport in February with a vape pen containing hash oil.

First there was the fact that His arrest was largely unreported More than a month. Then the Russian authorities spent a lot of time on production Any charge against him, or indeed for Greiner’s own production.

With The time of this arrest was at the beginning of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and subsequent US and EU sanctions against the country, there was thought that the arrest was largely political in nature.

The fact is that cannabis use, in any form, exists It’s illegal in Russia and they have a strict “zero tolerance” policyso there was Always Given that cannabis use in the United States ranges from legal to largely tolerated, and that most drug-related convictions are relatively mild, it’s a sentence that ruffles many American feathers.

With Most cannabis convictions in Russia are sentenced to three years in prison, that seemed to be the goal his family could expect from the court. Many reacted with shock when they decided to hand down the maximum sentence of 9.5 years in prison for Ms. Griner. This seems to have been the plan all along for the Putin regime.

The Russian government hopes to exchange prominent prisoners hopelessly Let’s strengthen this story to make it more important. A “Stupid American who brought a cannabis pen” It never does. He should have become an international drug trafficker and tried to contaminate Russian soil with this evil poison. Only then will it make sense Swap him for Victor Bott, the arms dealer known as the Merchant of Deathand FSB (formerly known as KGB) Vadim Krasikov.

These two are high-level baddies, clear and present threats to civilized people everywhere. He is a basketball player. Welcome to the crazy world of international political football. Now the shiny new Britney Greiner has been introduced to the Russian public as a drug dealer. A poison merchant, who can legitimately be traded for evil men such as gun runners and assassins..

While it is important to note that President Biden’s statement that Russia’s detention of Ms. Greiner was “illegal” is patently false, he could certainly mean that his sentence was “illegal.” Without going into the obvious laws in different countries of apples and oranges, It is clear that the Russian court exceeded its sentencing guidelines in this caseprobably ordered by the Kremlin for political purposes.

The worlds of sports and entertainment have all come out in support of Britney“If anyone knows anything I can help with please let me know,” singer Justin Bieber asked via his Instagram.

Rapper 50 Cent also took to Instagram to share that he was watching Fox News when Greiner’s story broke and called the whole situation “brutal.”

Actress Gabrielle Union used the hashtag “WeAreBG,” which many athletes and celebrities are using to rally behind Greiner, writing, “Bring him home!”

TV personality Andy Cohen expressed his support for Griner on Twitter, echoing the sentiment: “Bring Britney home.”

Jada Pinkett Smith expressed her displeasure at Greener’s sentencing on the same day that police officers will be formally charged in the murder of Brona Taylor.

Actress and activist Mia Farrow supported Griner on Twitter, writing that the sentence was “heartbreaking.”

Daily Show host Trevor Noah was classically forthright in his assessment of the story, calling Griner’s prison “bullshit.” Noah continued: “We all know that Russia doesn’t care what Brittany Griner did.” This is the country that violates every human rights law on the planet, but they say, “That woman has a vape cartridge. She Real Criminal.'”

The WNBA also released a statement pledging to support Greiner and her cause. “Today’s ruling, while inevitable, is disappointing.” They then to We urge the President to do whatever it takes to bring Brittany Greiner back to the United States. We count on this government.”

The United States has long opposed the idea of ​​prisoner tradeBut by trading Trevor Reed for drug dealer Konstantin Yaroshenko, the Biden administration seems to have gotten a taste for it. How it will develop is anyone’s guess, but as it turns from farcical to farcical, perhaps to predictable.

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