Hilary Duff is the Mom Friend Who Keeps it Real About Easy Babies: ‘Just Wait’

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  • Aug 04, 2022

Hilary Duff is the Mom Friend Who Keeps it Real About Easy Babies: ‘Just Wait’

Hilary Duff is a gem among mom friends. She accepts her “kid-invaded home,” advocates for a better world, takes a break for her mental health, and has the best tips for getting kids to read. But one of the reasons we love him more is because he keeps it real. The actor isn’t afraid to play down your preconceived notions about easy green food for babies or toddlers—that experienced parents have. to know It doesn’t last forever – and he gave the best advice.

Duff is mother to 10-year-old Luca with ex-husband Mike Comrie, 3-year-old Banks and 16-month-old Mae with husband Matthew Coma. In attendance on July 29 at The Kelly Clarkson Show Duff told parents to “just wait” if they think their kids are perfect (surely there’s no place for proud parents, okay?).

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“I think the biggest piece of advice I’ve ever given is don’t be fooled the first two weeks because you have an angel child,” she told Clarkson. “They haven’t woken up yet.”

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“You have friends who are like, ‘This baby’s sleeping through the night, oh my God…'” she continued. And like me, they don’t know they’re in the world yet. Just wait two weeks.

This is very true. Everything in parenting is a phase, and unfortunately, that can include the good parts, like sleeping well. In fact, most babies are sleepier and more sleepy in the first month of life, and their sleep patterns change continuously throughout the first year. Actually, my 3 year old yet still He often wakes up in the night, so yes, “just hang in there” is great advice for parents who think they have it all figured out.

Clarkson, who is mother to daughter River, 8, and son Remington, 6, with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, can also relate. “Or maybe the first year,” he adds. You say, “God, they are the kindest, they eat everything, they are so good.” And then it’s just like—” and he starts muttering, “Yeah!” as Hilary says. He signals with the devil’s horn.

“You’re like, what’s going on?” Clarkson added.

As Clarkson tells it, Duff said, “Oh, yeah, my friend would be like, ‘My daughter’s eating curry and green stuff,’ and you’d be like,'”

“Mmmmm,” Duff continued. “Right, just wait. Soon it’ll be like, wipe [table] “I hate it!” Clarkson said.

Even celebrities can’t get their toddlers to eat their vegetables, and there’s something so cute about that. We’re all just trying to figure this parenting thing out, so follow Duff’s lead. Show some grace, remember that nothing lasts forever, and find a community of other moms who get it.

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famous mothers

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