GoodHeart | New Wave’s Celebrity Closet washes Alpha School of Music with love | News

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  • Dec 17, 2022

GoodHeart | New Wave’s Celebrity Closet washes Alpha School of Music with love | News

The MINI Jamaica Show in Kingston turned into a thrift shopping experience like no other last Saturday when New Wave turned up for the fifth edition of Celebrity Closets, which raised funds for the Alpha School of Music.

Starting at 9 p.m., patrons took to the venue and browsed through racks and donation packages from celebrities, influencers and other donors who want to not only support the concept of sustainability, but also do their part to spread the love. . With prices under $100, it’s no surprise that the shelves and displays looked sparse by evening, indicating a successful event. talk to good heartAlicia Francis, one of the directors of New Wave confirmed this.

We were ready since last night, we got ready and the guests were coming from eight, if not a little earlier. By 9 o’clock, everyone was ready to go. So, in terms of engagement, I feel like we always get such great engagement from our new wave community. It is really very encouraging and we are very grateful for that. People are always excited about this event because I think people really enjoy the culture of thrift, sustainability, doing good things for the environment and our community, giving back all those things while really enjoying a good social experience. They take.

“It’s always amazing to see how people rally around a celebrity closet, and the thing is, I feel like at first people had the misconception that it’s just celebrities, but anyone can help. So, we have things for men, women, kids and everything in between. It’s always amazing to see how people really express themselves. “Even up until the night before the event, we still had huge bags to sort through and we’re very grateful for that.”

Celebrity Closet was conceptualized and launched in 2017. This collection combines fashion, fun and most importantly, gift giving. Local celebrities such as Amel Sasco, Jessie Royale, Sean Paul, Bojo Banton, Leila Ike, Coffey, Protoje, Bootleg Rockstar, Cassie Fennell, Denick and Andy Phillips have supported the event through donations over the years. This year, New Wave has joined forces with Kaboom Nation, a local entertainment consulting agency, to support the vast array of artists, performers, presenters, disc jockeys and entertainers on their network.

While the clothes available for purchase were undoubtedly worth a dollar, it’s not the sales that make this event spectacular. A portion of the proceeds from this event benefit a specific charity each year. For 2022, the New Wave team decided that Alpha Music School would be the best beneficiary. Yannick Reid of Very Culture, New Wave’s parent company, said it was completely in tune with what the community was showing.

“Alpha is a relationship that we’ve been building since around 2020. We have a good relationship with the people who work there, and we just think that Alpha’s initiatives align with what new wave is about. Music is one of the main things. which we promote and encourage, and Alpha Music School has a rich collection of previous artists and talents who have gone there, and until now, there are still talents nurturing music. It is a valuable charity to help “It’s Jamaican that it’s not just a traditional way, but a worthwhile way. A portion of the proceeds will go to Alpha, and they’ll use it to pay for tuition and school fees,” Reid explained.

We look at Celebrity Closet not only as a thrift day, but as a fun day. Where if you have kids, bring your kids, bring your mom, all the family members. This is an experience for everyone. We are grateful to have so many sponsors interested in such an event. We had Blueprint helping with setup and Chilitos helping with volunteers, we had Lynk helping with payments, we had Worthy Park and Tropicana helping with drinks, we had Kaboom Nation We also had financial aid.

Joshua Chamberlain, publicity officer at Alpha Institute, expressed his appreciation for New Wave’s support.

“Celebrity Closet was a special event. Not only were there amazing clothes and accessories to be found, but the support community was really encouraging. New Wave is at the forefront of music and culture in Jamaica and Alpha School of Music is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with New Wave and especially for our students like Luke Davies Elliott to gain valuable experience as a result. The Celebrity Closet donation supports vital tools and technology training for Alpha students. “Being a musician today requires an understanding of both, and we are very grateful to partner with New Wave, with whom we share a commitment to modern music education.”

Last year’s beneficiary, the Angelic Ladies Association – a group focused on the holistic care, development and empowerment of young women in Jamaican government facilities – received $400,000 from the scheme.

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