From John Abraham to Malaika Arora: Bollywood stars who vouch for healthy greens

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  • Aug 03, 2022

From John Abraham to Malaika Arora: Bollywood stars who vouch for healthy greens

A healthy lifestyle is something that celebrities constantly follow. Some people may believe that eating meat is the key to a healthy life, however many celebrities have proven them wrong. There’s no doubt that going green has many benefits, whether you decide to go vegan to shed those extra pounds or out of compassion for animals and the environment. A healthy diet should contain green leafy vegetables. They are low in calories and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Living a vegetarian lifestyle has many benefits. Hence, the following Bollywood stars have sworn by greens throughout their lives.

1. Sono Sood

Sono Sood has long advocated eating a healthy and balanced diet. We found out regularly based on her social media updates that she is a vegetarian during the quarantine. Although this sports fanatic is currently 49 years old, his body is defying his age and getting stronger every day. He avoids smoking and eats lots of grains and lentils to get protein. Sono Sud’s meal plan includes a meal of dal roti, vegetables, fresh fruit juice and for breakfast mostly fruits or wheat grains or muesli.

2. Shahid Kapoor

One of the rare musicians in India who has always been appreciated for his great looks and acting skills is Shahid Kapoor. He works out six days a week and is a dedicated vegetarian. He substitutes important vegetable proteins and other supplements for vital meat proteins.

3. Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora consistently adheres to an admirable diet plan. Unbelievably, the fittest diva in Bollywood has a simple approach to staying in shape that has nothing to do with trendy diet trends – she swears by a completely vegan diet. Malaika, who finally adopted a vegetarian diet, stated in one of her social media posts that the change in her eating habits has been positive.

4. John Ibrahim

Did you know that John Abraham, one of the best actors known for his incredible physique, achieved all this without consuming meat? Actor and fitness guru John Abraham is a devoted vegetarian. He consumes dairy foods such as milk and curd as well as plant foods such as sprouts, lentils and soybeans to meet his recommended daily protein intake.

Like these top celebrities who take good care of their bodies, it’s important to keep your body and mind in good shape.

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