From Bharti Singh To Mouni Roy

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  • Aug 11, 2022

From Bharti Singh To Mouni Roy

12 TV siblings who look exactly alike: From Bharti Singh to Mouni Roy

One of the greatest gifts of God is siblings. They are the ideal friends a person can have. Siblings are very similar and yet very different. But what if your brother or sister looks exactly like you? Some of the TV stars we follow look like their siblings.

Being unique is really essential in the entertainment industry. However, some of our favorite TV celebrities enjoy impersonating their brothers and sisters in appearance. Here is a list of TV celebrities who look exactly like their siblings.

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#1. Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy


Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy need no introduction. They are popular in the world of television and Bollywood industry. In 1992, Ronit Roy made his acting debut with this film. The name is John. Later, his career in television started in 1997 with the show. Bombay Blue. He gained much fame for playing the role of ‘Mr. Rishab Bajaj in the TV series, Kasautii Zindagi Ki.


the movie, JezbatReleased in 1994, it marked Rohit Roy’s acting debut. Later, in 1995, the popular show, Swabiman It was the beginning of his television career. These two brothers are not only similar in terms of fame and occupation, but also in appearance.


Despite the fact that Rohit and Ronit Roy don’t exactly look alike, they certainly do. In addition to athletic physiques, both have similar hairlines and facial features.

#2. Bharti Singh and Pinky Singh


Bharti Singh is an Indian comedian who started his television career in 2008 with this show. The big challenge of Indian laughter. This popular comedian and presenter has a close relationship with his sister Pinky. But in addition to their relationship and affection, a number of common characteristics connect them.

Bharti Singh

Pinky Singh and Bharti Singh are very similar. Everything about them is the same, from their height to their smile.

#3. Janat Zubair and Ayan Zubair

Ayan Zubair

The two famous siblings, Jennet and Ian Zubair, are popular figures in the television industry. These two siblings have many fans on social networks. In 2010, Janet began her career in television with the show. Kashi – water nine ways tera cogs kura.


On the other hand, Ayaan made his acting debut in 2013 with this show. Judah Akbar. There is a big age gap between siblings. However, they are similar in every way. Ayaan is an exact copy of her sister and they have similar facial features and personality.

#4. Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan


Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan, better known as the Mohan sisters, are one of the popular names in the television industry. They have shown their versatility in the entertainment business. Moreover, if you watch them both dance together, it will be challenging for you to distinguish between these two sisters. Not only do they dance in unison, but their facial features are identical. They are like mirror images of each other.

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#5. Muni Roy and Mokhar Roy


Popular TV actress Mouni Roy never ceases to amaze us with her acting skills. In 2006, he made his acting debut with the drama Ekta Kapoor. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Muni has a brother and the two have a very close relationship. However, the striking similarities between the siblings will surprise you. Mokhar looks exactly like her older sister.

#6. Piyush Sahdef and Mehr Weij

Piyush Sahadh

Mehr Wej and Piyush Sahedh are famous TV personalities. They have acted admirably in a number of TV shows. Mehr Weij started acting in 2006 with a TV series. Teri Kahani StWhile Piyush Sahedf made his acting debut in 2004 with a TV show. Special team. These two siblings are like each other’s shadow. In fact, bonding fulfills the main purposes of siblings.

Number 7. Amrita Rao and Prithika Rao


Amrita Rao and Preetika Rao look exactly alike. People believed that Prithika is the twin sister of Amrita who made her television debut with this show. between them. However, both sisters have previously denied being identical twins. In an interview with The Times of India, Prithika said:

Honestly, I don’t think I look like my sister, Amrita. In fact, this sentence is surprising.

#8. Manveer Gurjar and Anup Gurjar


Manveer Gurjar rose to fame after winning the popular reality show. Bigg Boss Season 10. Not only did he win the race, he beat all the celebrities and took home the trophy. This Gurjari boy has a brother named Anoop who looks just like him. Both have similar hairstyles, beards and facial features.

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#9. Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya and Priyanka Tiwari


In 2004, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya made her television debut with the show. The best movie stars of India, Ki Khoj. However, she made her acting debut in the 2006 TV series. Leading lady Terri Dolhan. Divyanka has a close relationship with her family, especially with her sister, Priyanka. These two sisters are the definition of sisterhood goals. However, what makes them even more interesting is how similar they look. They smile the same way and have similar facial features.

Number 10. D. Chopra and Roshni Chopra


Day and Roshni Chopra are well-known faces in the television industry. The two sisters look like mirror images of each other. Your brain will spin from their resemblance. From facial features to body structure, everything about them is the same. They look like xerox copies of each other.

Number 11. Tanya Sharma and Kritika Sharma


Tanya Sharma and Kritika Sharma are popular television actors. Tanya, who became popular through the TV show, Saath Nibhana Saathiya, is very close to his sister. The two sisters continue to share their pictures on social media. Tanya’s sister is exactly like him. It looks like they are twins even though they are not.

#12. Siddharth Nigam and Abhishek Nigam


Siddharth Nigam, who gained a lot of attention through the TV show, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, He has a close relationship with his elder brother Abhishek. The fact that the Nigam brothers share the same birthday even though they are not twins is very interesting. Both of them, apart from having an attractive appearance, have similar features.

sister and brother

Having an identical sibling is like constantly staring at your shadow. However, our famous celebrity siblings love to have each other by their side. These lookalike siblings make a powerful duo and we love them.

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