Filipino Tech Pioneer Debuts Fandom Innovations at Largest Web3 Conference in SEA

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  • Aug 05, 2022

Filipino Tech Pioneer Debuts Fandom Innovations at Largest Web3 Conference in SEA

Anotoys Collectiverse founder Oscar G. Tan-Abing Jr. Web3 Con brings Pinoy innovation to the world stage.

Clarke Quay, Singapore – The next evolution of global fandom begins in the Philippines. At the first Web3 conference, the founder and CEO of Anotoys Collectiverse, Oscar G. Tan-Abing Jr. unveiled his company’s plans to reshape the way the world entertains fans through emerging web3 technologies. By pioneering an ecosystem that brings celebrities to the world, Tan-Abing aims to give fans from around the world exciting new opportunities to connect with their favorite stars.

Web3 Con is Southeast Asia’s largest web3 and crypto conference to date, bringing together thousands of visionaries, venture capitalists, innovators, fintech and web technology enthusiasts from across the region. Its first event hosted over 20 guest speakers, some of the most influential thinkers in the Web 3 space.

In his keynote address, “Fans, Celebrities and Collectibles in Web 3,” Tan-Abing shared how fandom around mainstream celebrities played an important role in the widespread adoption of Web 3.

“As we move toward mass Web3 adoption, more and more projects will depend on celebrity influence to educate audiences and build credibility,” he said. “A platform like ours, which works with several A-list celebrities, will be a critical tool in achieving the goals of these projects.”

Tan Ebbing added that celebrity fandom also offers unique opportunities in the collectibles industry – a space in which he has years of experience. Before Anotoys Collectiverse, Tan-Abing was the man behind Anotoys Collectibles, one of the biggest sellers of pop culture collectibles in the Philippines.

With the advent of Web 3, Tan Ebbing realized he needed to focus his collectibles business accordingly and saw an opportunity to empower collectors through non-fungible tokens (NFT). Rather than just a piece of digital art, he wanted to create NFTs that would allow fans to celebrate their favorite stars in multiple interactive ways.

“These [NFTs] They are already very popular on their own, but we also link them to a few P2Es [Play-to-Earn] games, plus virtual worlds for enthusiasts to enjoy,” he said in his address.

In early 2022, Tan-Abing launched Anotoys Collectiverse, a complete web-based fandom ecosystem 3 where collectors can buy, sell, and trade collectibles that provide a variety of experiences in both the real world and the open metaverse. he does.

For example, fans can get access to private concerts from their rock stars just by holding one of their NFTs. They can receive digital versions of their superhero figurines to display in their Metaverse homes. They can play games on the Collectiverse Super-App and earn coins that can be used to buy more collectibles.

To begin realizing this vision, Tan-Abing has signed several A-list Filipino celebrities on NFT marketplace Anotoys Collectiverse.

However, local celebrities are just the beginning. Tan-Abing announced that Anotoys Collectiverse is ready to open up its ecosystem to stars around the world, an ambition that was well received at Web3 Con. Guests lined up at the Anotoys booth shortly after Tan-Abing’s talk to check out the many opportunities The Collectiverse has to offer abroad.

“We are overwhelmed by the welcome and support of the many movers and shakers in the international Web 3 community,” Tan Ebbing said after his speech.

With the global debut of the Anotoys Collectiverse ecosystem, Web3 Con guests were able to get a glimpse into the future of fandom. Thanks to the growing support of leaders in the international Web 3 space, fans around the world may be getting their first taste of the excitement sooner than they think.

About Anotoys Collectiverse:

Anotoys Collectiverse is a well-known NFT platform and marketplace based in Hong Kong, with a satellite office in the Philippines. The company specializes in creating celebrity-endorsed collectible NFTs that provide owners with countless other experiences both in real life and in the Metaverse. Contact Leah Memije at [email protected] For more information.

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