Eva Longoria and Isabel Allende reveal their celebrity crush

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  • Aug 02, 2022

Eva Longoria and Isabel Allende reveal their celebrity crush

In the latest “Connection with Eva Longoria”, Eva Longoria The best-selling author was welcomed Isabel Allendeknown as “House of Ghosts,” for talking candidly about aging and what women have to look forward to as they grow older.

During the My Cultura Network podcast on iHeartMedia, Longoria and Allende talk about how their marriage is better than ever, share love and beauty advice, and admit which celebrities they still love. Allende also talks about personal experiences reflected in her latest book, Violetta, which was inspired by her mother.

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People always talk about the man’s midlife crisis—the guy who buys a Ferrari, gets divorced, and marries a 22-year-old. An aging man is viewed very differently in society than an aging woman – don’t you think? 47-year-old Eva asked the 80-year-old writer.

We live in a culture that only cares about beauty, success, money and youth. Allende says that when you move away from assumed values, you become disposable and then invisible. “For women, it’s harder than for men because everything in media, culture, art embraces the idea of ​​an old fart with a very young chick, and vice versa, it looks ugly.”

Married at 77, Isabelle shared her thoughts on love at an older age. “I’m experiencing it, Eva. I got married at 77 … I remember my mother at 98 still waiting to have romance – so who knows? In our culture, the idea that older people “They can fall in love, let alone have sex, but it happens at any age. The only difference between falling in love at 50 or 20 and now is that I’m now very aware of the passage of time, so I have a sense of urgency.”

Longoria also said that jealousy is toxic. “I also think jealousy takes so much energy. I remember that I was very jealous and your stomach is inside out. It’s the worst feeling – why would anyone want that feeling? I think it is [the difference] With my second marriage — no, wait, my third,” she said, referring to Jose Baston. “I found [my husband] When I was 40 – and he was 50 – it was just like, “Can we enjoy this life together?” “I mean, I’m still yelling at him for the toothbrush and stuff like that.”

Allende said her book “Violetta” has a lot of fictional love stories but is still based on her experiences. “In Violetta, I lent my love experiences to Violetta. Of course, fictional, so they weren’t accurate at all. The foundation and the loss of my daughter, displacement, financial losses – whatever I have – I lent her and took from my mother’s life.

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