Ellen DeGeneres Claims, Job, Age, More

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  • Sep 23, 2022

Ellen DeGeneres Claims, Job, Age, More

Singer, songwriter and musician Grayson Chance made several public accusations against the former host of the talk show Ellen DeGeneres. The 25-year-old music artist was only 12 years old when he first appeared in it The Ellen DeGeneres Show In 2010 after watching his viral YouTube cover lady GagaHit song “Paparazzi”. Although Chance appeared on her show three times, the “Broken Hearts” singer claimed she felt “completely abandoned” by DeGeneres.

“I’ve never seen anyone more manipulative, self-centered and downright opportunistic than him,” Chance said. Rolling Stone In an interview published on Thursday, September 22. But the reason I’m here today talking about an album, I don’t owe him anything. Because I was the one who had to pull myself up. He was nowhere to be found.”

Read on to learn more about Grayson and what he had to say about Ellen.

Grayson Who’s Lucky?

After his cover went viral in 2010, the “Time Keeper” artist was invited to appear on the show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show in May of that year, where he performed a stunning cover of the song.

Chance’s talent was further noticed by several celebrities who shared videos of his talk show appearances via social media.

The Wichita Falls, Texas, native later released her first single, Waiting Outside the Lines, in October 2010, before releasing her debut album. wait until night In August 2011

Grayson Chance: Ellen DeGeneres Claims Career, Age, More
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What is Grayson Chance’s job now?

Although Chance attended the University of Tulsa in 2017, he decided to drop out to refocus on his music career. Since then, the former Oklahoma resident has released several singles and released her second studio album. Portraitsin March 2019.

What did Grayson Chance say about Ellen DeGeneres?

In his September 22 interview with Rolling Stone“Hell Boy” artist claimed that his relationship with his mother Lisa Chancewith DeGeneres changing rapidly throughout her music career.

“I remember him pulling my mom aside and saying, ‘You’ll never have to work another day in your life,'” Chance claimed, referring to what the comedian allegedly told his mother. “I’ll protect you. I’ll be here for you. We’ll do this together.”

Chance then described the evolution of the Primetime Emmy Award winner’s behavior after his career began to gain more attention.

My whole week, my whole month, my whole year can change [with] A text message from him was this terrible,” she told the publication.

Chance gave an example of how he was allegedly treated, claiming that DeGeneres didn’t like a particular performance he filmed for another network and forced him and his team to redo it.

“If he had an opinion of any kind, everything would have changed,” he added.

On another alleged occasion, Chance claimed that DeGeneres asked him to watch Justin Bieber‘s never say never Documentary while Chance was opening on tour Miranda Cosgrove. However, the pianist recalls being exhausted by the hectic tour schedule and not making watching movies a priority. He then claimed that DeGeneres contacted her mother to address the matter.

“I’ll never forget that,” Chance said. “I just remember hearing the phone on the other end, just screaming [and] Insult: “What kind of mother are you? Do you know that I went out of my way to make this for you and he can’t sit and watch it?”

After apparently calling her mother, Chance claimed that DeGeneres asked her to talk to him, saying, “Despair is not even close to what I’m feeling right now.”

“It was clear that, ‘OK, I’m a pawn in your game,'” he continued. “So, I watched it [Never Say Never] Movie.”

Lisa also claimed that DeGeneres “checks her clothes” and is “a bit controlling” about what Chance wears, which she agreed with.

“He would come in and look at a rack, yell at stylists, berate people in front of me and say, ‘This is what you’re wearing on the show,'” the “Temptation” singer claimed. “He was just contemptuous of people.”

Chance then claimed that DeGeneres “completely abandoned” him after his music career took off in 2012.

“I couldn’t hold him. I couldn’t talk to him. “Every time I came on the show, it was a fake smile. He wouldn’t even ask, ‘How are you?’ How are you holding up? It was just like, ‘In Here’s what we’re going to talk about.” We’ll see you there.”

In his numerous interviews with ex American Idol Judge, Chance seems happy. However, she explained to the outlet that she could see “a lot of anxiety” in his eyes.

“I can just see a lot of PTSD because I’m out there for dear life, ‘I need this TV gig,'” he continued. I was 100% faking it, and [I felt like] He is also 100 percent faking with me.”

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