Diplo Uses Chipotle Celebrity Card to Pay For 100 Customers

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  • Aug 05, 2022

Diplo Uses Chipotle Celebrity Card to Pay For 100 Customers

American DJ – full name Thomas Wesley Pentz – used his Chipotle Celebrity Card to give back to the community by paying 100 customers.

In a viral video posted to TikTok, Diplo captioned the clip, “When I’m at chiptole, everybody’s a celebrity.” The TikTok video currently has over 600,000 likes and 3.9 million views.

As seen in the video, Diplo hands the employee his custom Chipotle Celebrity Card and says he paid for the next 100 people in line. He took his food and saw that many were surprised to pay for their meals. He also filmed the reactions of other customers.

At the end of the video, one of Diplo’s kids asked how did you get the Chipotle magic card?

“I’m a celebrity,” Diplo replied.

Newsweek Diplo’s representatives have been contacted for comment.

Diplo using the Chipotle Celebrity Card for customers
Diplo used his Chipotle Celebrity Card to pay 100 customers in a video that went viral on TikTok.
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Reactions of TikTok users

Model Bella Hadid commented: “F**k yes.”

“So helpful. This is what celebrities should do,” said one user.

Another said: Masters work.

“And that’s how to use a celebrity superpower…good for you,” a user wrote.

“Imagine being 101 people and seeing them all before you get paid,” one user joked.

“Diplo is a man of the people,” said another.

One TikTok user wrote: “Diplo makes amazing music and feeds? God’s work.”

One said, “I have to admit I don’t know your music very well, but now I’ve seen you here as a band and you’ve got a new fan.”

One explained: “There’s not enough kindness in the world, that’s why everyone is so shocked. Thank you for being a beautiful person.”

What is the Chipotle Celebrity Card?

A lot of celebrities get sent a custom card that says, “Custom Burrito Card, Handmade, Responsibly Grown, Sustainably Grown,” but how do you get one? Celebrities who love their food can get a special card that gives them free Chipotle for a limited time. Other celebrities who have had this special card include Olivia Rodrigo, Tony Hawk and Big Sean.

“The Chipotle Celebrity Card is held by a small group of fans, celebrities, athletes, musicians and brand creators. To be considered a Celebrity Card, you must be a true Chipotle fan and organically demonstrate your passion for the brand. Share every day, said Candice Beck, director of social and influencers at Chipotle.

Newsweek It has published several articles on Chipotle, including an employee showing how the food chain makes its own guacamole and how a woman warns TikTok users about the viral Chipotle TikTok hack.

What other companies have something like the Chipotle Celebrity Card?

McDonald’s offers a McDonald’s Gold Card that gives McDonald’s card holders free for life. People who have one of these “elusive” cards include Rob Lowe and Warren Buffett.

Subway has custom gold and black cards that offer free food to celebrities and influencers who are seen promoting and eating their food. Gold cards are more attainable than black cards because black cards go to A-listers who bring in new customers. Celebrities and influencers can apply for a gold card with $100 pre-loaded. Black Cards offer free Subway to lucky card holders.

Burger King has a Taj card that gives free meals to anyone who has this special card. This card has only been given to celebrities including George Lucas, Jennifer Hudson and Jay Leno.

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