Delight as £200k community takeover of Northumberland pub supported by Robson Green, Si King and other celebrities is official

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  • Aug 03, 2022

Delight as £200k community takeover of Northumberland pub supported by Robson Green, Si King and other celebrities is official

Following a hard-fought fundraising campaign backed by a number of celebrities, the Horncliffe Fishing Gun Steering Committee managed to exceed their £200,000 target by July 7 thanks to numerous donations and pledges. .

Robson Green, Hairy Biker Si King, Kevin Whately and members of the band Lindisfarne all recorded video messages in support of the campaign.

And on July 29, the keys were handed over to committee chairman Keith Giddens by previous owner Paul O’Keefe.

Keith Giddens, left, chairman of the buyout campaign committee, receives the key to The Fishers Arms from previous owner Paul O’Keefe.

Share certificates have now been sent out to existing shareholders and the share offer will be extended until October 31st so more people can own plots at The Fishers Arms as a further £100,000 is needed to carry out repairs and refurbishments.

A spokesman for the committee said: “July 29 was a fantastic day for our community and we would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign by buying shares, donating and giving their time – as well as our wonderful celebrities for getting them. Thank you. The publicity we needed to keep our campaign alive.

We will now enter phase two, which is the renovation and renovation of the building.

We have been offered considerable volunteer labor and skill as well as building materials. We would love to see community involvement as much as people can get involved and invest in this project.

We will also be applying for as many grants as we are entitled to, with the aim of creating a sustainable future for the pub as environmentally conscious as possible.

“The aim is to create a traditional country pub, but with new technology and innovation. We will use local suppliers and brewers to create a true Northumbrian/Border identity and hopefully create employment opportunities.

We will continue to fundraise, but we are also organizing a celebration to celebrate this amazing community achievement.

There has been a pub in the village of Horncliffe since 1760.

The Fishers Arms was once owned by the Stuart Brown family. Mr Brown became editor of The Scotsman and wrote passionately about the pub and the village.

Robson Green said in his message earlier this year: “The Fishers Arms is a fantastic pub. I’ve been there many times.

“If successful, it will be a fantastic place for anglers from all over the UK, if not the world, to get some R&R after a great day or week of fishing.”

“If you can help in any way we would be very grateful as a local pub is a great asset to a community, a place where people can meet,” said C King.

Kevin Whatley said: “The aim for the local community is not just to have a drink at The Fishers Arms, but to have a music venue, a coffee shop, a village and a storm shelter because they often lose power in the winter. And they can have their own generator.

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