Cowboys fan Jamie Foxx shows off Stephen A. impression at training camp

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  • Aug 11, 2022

Cowboys fan Jamie Foxx shows off Stephen A. impression at training camp

Given the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are commonly referred to as America’s team, it’s no surprise that they have a huge following – some of them famous. Celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Kelly Clarkson, Bryce Harper, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx are all Cowboys fans.

Fox, a Los Angeles native, decided to make the short trip to Oxnard to see his team during training camp. The award-winning singer and actor watched the rehearsal and spoke to reporters afterwards.

Unlike most Cowboys fans, the Terrell, TX, native appears to be Very I am confident in the Cowboys’ chances this year. Even as the team’s stock continues to slide in the power rankings, the celebrity isn’t worried. Here’s why:

This year, we are really excited. We were there when we didn’t make it against the 49ers… This year, I saw Doc at a restaurant. He’s lean, jaw-dropping, everything looked good, so we had high hopes this year because I think, as I talked to Micah Parsons, he said the game has slowed down for him now. When he started he said everything was going fast. He says he has a different look in his eyes.

I mean, I can’t quite say that the 45 second explanation sold me on the Cowboys having a chance to win a Super Bowl this year, but I appreciate the enthusiasm!

Jamie Foxx during a visit to Cowboys training camp, Stephen A. Depicts Smith

The actor is known for his impressions, so of course, he had to be one of Stephen A. Smith takes himself out at camp (one he’s done before). The two are friends, but Fox likes to joke around with the famous cowboy hater. Fox said Stephen A. It should be prepared for him after trash talking.

Here’s the Oscar-winning actor’s take:

He continued to stir up fanfare by taking a selfie video for the social media team. He boasted that he had always been a Cowboys fan and joked that the team hired him to coach all the parties.

Fox also added Being a Dallas fan in Los Angeles isn’t always easy:

Life in Los Angeles is tough when you’re a Cowboys fan. Life is tough anywhere when you’re a Cowboys fan. Many times people mispronounce our name. They say Dallas Cowboys, I say America’s Team. This is the American team.”

“This year, we did it. Bow down,” Fox said.

You already know that Stephen A. Smith will find a way to poke fun at this in a future “First Impressions” segment. There’s a lot to be excited about in 2022, but let’s not let a trophy return to Dallas before the preseason begins.

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