China Suarez Talked About The Possibility Of Having More Children And Was Blunt

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  • Aug 04, 2022

China Suarez Talked About The Possibility Of Having More Children And Was Blunt

However, unlike other celebrities, Eugenia “La Chin” Suarez He doesn’t focus on the content he uploads on his mother’s network, his children are usually the protagonists of the photos and videos he shares daily. The fruits of her relationship with three children – Rufina, Nicolas Caber, Magnolia and Amancio, with Benjamin Vicuna – have already become very dear characters to fans of the actor. But this explanation, in turn, is accompanied by a question that is often repeated: Would you like to have more? Without saying anything, he decided to answer her directly.

Over the years, social media has become a great tool for celebrities to not only promote their work through them, but also build smoother relationships with their fans. Comments, likes, and direct messages allow followers to connect with their idols, and in turn, allow celebrities to show their most human side, which might disappear on the red carpet and on the stairs.

Translator “What they say about me” He joined the trend, and the newest part of his life was reflected in the wider world of the Internet. Both the good and the bad were recorded in front of his sixty million followers, a number that never stops growing. Vacations, film projects, the birth of various romances, separations and even his painful freedoms are all part of his existence in this network.

Chin Suarez with her children Magnolia, Rufina and AmancioInstagram @bloodjaponesa

He has revealed on several occasions that despite the negative comments he receives, he loves the place because it allows him to stay in touch with the people who have always supported him. And besides, the actor enjoys being able to show off his nature.

Under the same line of complete transparency, From time to time, he opens a part of his stories so that fans can ask him what they want.currently launched in Uruguay, decided to take a few minutes and stop chatting.

Chin Suarez reveals whether she wants to have more children
Chin Suarez reveals whether she wants to have more childrenInstagram @bloodjaponesa

The messages he received included everything from his children to his relationships and even his job. Chin chose potpourri and has already revealed whether she wants to be a mother again. Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio are his loyal companions and he enjoys every minute he spends with them. However, she assured that her eyes are not on motherhood at the moment. “There are three people in the crowd. They don’t shake hands with me.” He said with humor.

Currently, in addition to childcare, formerly almost an angel focuses on his relationship with Rush King, He started again as a singer and participated in various television projects. In this he revealed that His next musical debut will be in August And of course, it will have a lively rhythm, very different from the melodious singles he used to share with the masses.

La China talks about her new film project
La China talks about her new film projectInstagram @bloodjaponesa
Chyna Suarez confirms that her first new song is on the way
Chyna Suarez confirms that her first new song is on the wayInstagram @bloodjaponesa

Simultaneous, He assured that he would stay in Uruguay indefinitely during the filming And besides, she mentioned that her schedule is so full that she can’t even imagine a new pregnancy.

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