Chikoti Praveen’s rise from petty trades to casino agent | Latest News India

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  • Aug 06, 2022

Chikoti Praveen’s rise from petty trades to casino agent | Latest News India

Casino representative Chikoti Praveen’s Instagram profile describes him as an “animal and nature lover”. Love to travel in Western Ghats, part of Big Daddy Casino, Goa. Eager to gamble.”

Praveen’s name came into the limelight following a raid by the Enforcement Directorate on his residence on July 29 on suspicion of involvement in remittance transactions.

All is open about Praveen, given his prominent presence in political, business and celebrity circles across the country. The same thing is evident from his pictures and videos on his Instagram about the events he has organized in the past. He has 16,600 followers on his social network.

A video of Praveen’s 45th birthday party at Sama Saraswati Gardens on July 13 that went viral on social media shows his glamorous lifestyle. He can be seen in a procession in an open jeep, surrounded by a group of black uniformed birds, friends and fans bursting firecrackers, showering petals and felicitating him with huge garlands.

The video invitation posted by him about a grand pool party organized by PC (short for Praveen Chikoti) and his colleague Madhava Reddy on June 11 and 12 in Jhapa, Nepal saw a who’s who of Bollywood celebrities and popular models from Amisha Patel’s sentence is Magna. Naidoo and Scarlett Wilson

Three days earlier, PC and SVM (short for Madhava Reddy) organized Casino Vegas at the same venue and celebrities like Mumaith Khan and Mallika Sherawat graced the show. “Try your luck at High Bets, Junior Patty, Ender Spring, Baccarat, Roulette and other casino games,” the invitation reads. The dance program on the occasion was choreographed by Ganesh Acharya.

The invitation also included Praveen’s mobile number for participants to book tickets, accommodation and dinner.

I do not force or trick anyone into playing the casino. They attend shows and play casino for their interest. Why should I stop them? And casino in Goa is completely legal in India and many other countries. what’s wrong Everything I do is completely legal and public.

In Praveen’s case, it wasn’t exactly fiction. The people of Saeedabad area in the old city of Hyderabad knew him 20 years ago as one of the small activists of a national party who was involved in petty business such as selling rice and tiles and ceramics that he inherited from his father in Saeedabad.

“Even now, he is living in the same old flat at Sai Kiran Residence in Vinai Nagar Colony, Saidabad, though he recently built another new bungalow nearby,” said Praveen Kumar, a local correspondent of a local newspaper. He said that Praveen ventured into real estate in 2004-05 and made a lot of money during the Hyderabad real estate boom of 2007-08.

He used to organize festivals like Bonalu and Ganesh Chaturthi in Saidabad district and became a sort of local youth leader by donating money liberally for local festivals and events. He also built a small Durga in Saidabad and became popular in the area.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Praveen has also tried to enter the film industry to earn a quick buck and even produced a low-budget Telugu film that bombed at the box office. After that, he retired from the movie business, but not without contacts with celebrities.

Apart from celebrities, Praveen established good relations with all the political parties and local leaders who used to visit his residence without going online. Surprisingly, no one knows how he got involved in the casino business, but it put him in the club of the rich and elite. He is believed to own an entire floor at the Big Daddy Casino in Goa.

Parveen’s influence is such that when he organized his daughter’s birthday in Shamshababad 10 years ago, he threw a lavish party for VIPs including senior politicians, film celebrities, officials and police officials, a Congress leader said. Willing to name

Praveen has a penchant for luxury cars, but doesn’t keep any for long. “He gets rid of the car after a year or two and buys another one,” Kumar said. One of his Instagram posts on November 26, 2021 shows that he is buying a brand new Range Rover Autobiography worth approx. 4.5 crore “Love for Range Rover Autobiography. Gt delivered yday (sic)”, in the post, Praveen posed with his new gear. This car was seized by the ED officials during the recent raid on his house.

As claimed by Praveen on social media, he has a keen interest in exotic and rare birds and animals. When forest department officials raided his farmhouse at Saireddygudem village in Kadthal block near Kadthal in Ranga Reddy district, about 50 km from Hyderabad, they were surprised to find a sort of “mini-zoo” there.

The searches were conducted following pictures of Pravin posing with rare animals such as an iguana, a yellow python and a red viper on his Instagram. “My iguana @Ananthashayana,” he captioned one of the pictures he took with the animal.

During the searches, authorities found a python, mongoose, iguana, monitor lizard, ostrich, horse, swan, duck, parrot, pigeon and a rare variety of large spiders, in addition to dogs, cows and buffalo.

Interestingly, the forest authorities realized that Praveen had acquired them all legally and with proper permits. About 20 of them were imported from other countries. He keeps them well and takes good care of them. We could not find anything illegal.

Praveen claims that everything related to the casino business and the purchase of rare wild animals is legal, but the ED authorities are focusing on his alleged remittance transactions.

According to a senior police official familiar with the development, Parveen’s name came up during the ED’s investigation into the country-wide Hawala network in the past one year. After gathering specific information, the ED raided his house in Saidabad and that of his aide Madhava Reddy in Bowenpally in Hyderabad, the official said.

The police also questioned the local Sampath travel agency, which is said to have arranged travel to Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, where Praveen has been organizing casinos for the past one year.

During the three-day investigation, the ED questioned Praveen and his aide about the payment he made to celebrities and casino players. Players are usually given tokens that can be exchanged for money at the end of the games. The official said the ED questioned him about how the winners received their payments – legally or through remittance mode in violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Authorities questioned Praveen based on call data obtained from cellphones and computer hard drives seized from him during the raids. Praveen sent the bank statements to the ED officials for verification, but he could not answer why there were discrepancies in the bank statements, especially those related to the casino party organized in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

So far, the ED officials have not registered any case against Praveen, let alone arrested him. The police official quoted above said: “But if they find concrete evidence against him, they will take action against him.”

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