‘Celebrity Beef’ Host Joel McHale on Why New E! Series Won’t Have ‘Gordon Ramsay Precision’ (Exclusive)

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  • Aug 02, 2022

‘Celebrity Beef’ Host Joel McHale on Why New E! Series Won’t Have ‘Gordon Ramsay Precision’ (Exclusive)

After nearly seven years, comedian Joel McHale told E! network for a brand new series — and from the looks of his latest menu item, it’s sure to whet your appetite this summer. In an exclusive conversation with PopCulture.com to chat about “Joel’s Summer” — a series of TV shows like star girl And Crime scene kitchen With McHale on board all summer — McHale admits the new series, famous person Beef Premieres on E! Tonight is a fun new series that gives celebrities the chance to squash their cooking beefs. But don’t expect some Gordon Ramsay-style Food Network-style plates.

“It’s a comedy show where there’s a bunch of famous people cooking, and then I’m always harassing them,” McHale told PopCulture while discussing his collaboration with Roald Gold this summer. . “I’d say it’s a comedy show, then a cooking show. It’s the celebrities and us yelling and joking and then cooking.”

Calling it “good hang time” type of TV, McHale admits that while it “doesn’t have the grit of Gordon Ramsay,” it’s fun to watch these celebrities spiral and unravel. “If it were so [have that Ramsay precision]Everything falls apart.” association “So I can set the rules and if somebody doesn’t do it, it’s just like, ’10 more seconds,'” the actor joked. Go ahead!’ But it was really fun to make, and the celebrities were really — they were game for almost anything and they were amazingly good at cooking.”

Likening the BF series to a “Sunday barbecue,” McHale says the best part of a show like this is how the audience “never knows how it’s going to turn out at the last second.” “I was like, ‘Oh, that turned out great!’ Because there’s already been cases where I’ve been, ‘Oh, well, next time we’ll get them.’ So, that was really fun.” “

Executive production famous beefa chaotic set and story of a “good old fashioned beef stew” that pits many stars against each other, sees McHale doing his signature interpretation – one of the main missing elements. On the network, following years of his wit and sarcasm on E! Soup from 2004 to 2015. In a description from the network, McHale will act as prosecutor, judge and jury, creating twists and turns with various challenges throughout the competition as the stars face off in a quiet They go together. . The winner of each challenge will have an advantage over their opponent, such as being treated to unique ingredients, while the loser will receive a cruel punishment, such as swapping their knives for gardening tools. At the end of each cook-off, contestants present their final dish to McHale for the ultimate taste test, as he crowns a celebrity winner and helps the duo squash their beef once and for all. The champion will also receive a prize and a $10,000 award for the charity of their choice.

Celebrity contestants this season include Cheryl Haynes and Rachel Harris. Ben Higgins and Nick Viall; Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges; Andy Grammer and Justin Baldoni; Justin Sylvester and Lonnie Love; Dolores Catania and Caroline Manzo; Missy Pyle and Jeff Lewis and Nikki and Brie Bella.

famous beef Premiering Tuesday, August 2nd at 10pm ET on E! – Broadcast before the new season of Kevin Hart Famous game faceMcHale says it’s good timing because he’s “so much taller” than Hart that he “might be intimidated.”

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