Celebrities Who Came Out as Bisexual in 2022, Happy Bi+ Week to All!

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  • Sep 22, 2022

Celebrities Who Came Out as Bisexual in 2022, Happy Bi+ Week to All!

Well, it’s Thursday.

Weird as in F*ck You

8 celebrities who came out as bisexual in 2022. Just a nice round-up for B’s week of sightings of celebrities who came out as bisexual this year, from reality TV star Rae Williams (Ultimatum) and Elizabeth Corrigan (Bachelor’s degree) to Oscar nominee Anjano Ellis (which I wrote about in June, one of my proudest pieces this year). Tomorrow we have three pieces in honor of Bisexual Visibility Day – which we lovingly call “B-Day Friday”! Around the office so I hope you’ll come back and join us! Until then, consider this an easy appetizer before the main course.

The Human Rights Campaign, the US’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group, has named Kelly Robinson as its new president. The former executive director of Planned Parenthood will be the first black queer woman to lead HRC.

Lil Nas X Sends Pizza To ‘Gay Protesters’ Outside Boston Concert

I saw this, I thought of you

It wasn’t until I found others in the disability community that I felt seen, which is part of a series from Refinery29 that I think you should all check out: Voices of Disability

Okay so I hadn’t thought of that, but also? Why does every teenager in every movie want to go to Yale?

What it’s like to make an American Girl doll Britt Bennett has created the newest American Girl doll, Cloudy – an 8-year-old black girl who grew up in the Harlem Renaissance, and I’m beyond thrilled. Growing up, the only black American girl doll was Addie, who was enslaved, and I loved my Addie doll with all my heart—but the idea of ​​black girls playing with a black doll is not rooted in tragedy. ? (It was Melody recently, but she grew up during the civil rights movement.) Obsession.

50 best Bad Bunny songs

As the pandemic ends, “liberated” Americans contract STDs at “out of control” rates, there’s a lot going on here, but I think Rowe said it best: “…when the pandemic Will it end?

Speaking of, ‘You kick ’til you quit’: Across the country, nurses are struggling with overwork. Widespread nurse strikes in Minnesota, Michigan and New York have put the crisis of staff shortages and unsafe workloads in the spotlight.

Political snacks

Tish James Received Trump Family Merchandise – Now What? While it would be nice to learn more about the crimes that Trump and company have committed, what many of us really want is to know when he will be held accountable. (For some reason the title of this one bugs me, I guess I’m having a weird reaction to the change in “produced”? But I agree with the general sentiment, and that was my first thought when I heard yesterday’s news about the New York State civil suit against Trump)

Puerto Rico to Finance Bros: Go Home

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