Celebrities call for action on Sandra Teta’s case | The New Times

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  • Aug 02, 2022

Celebrities call for action on Sandra Teta’s case | The New Times

As more alleged evidence of Weasel beating Ugandan artist Sandra Teta, a Kampala-based socialite in Rwanda, various people, including celebrities in Rwanda and Uganda, have called for an end to Wiesel’s alleged domestic violence against His Rwandan girlfriend has repeated that it has been reported several times. Many times in the past

The case gained public attention after Daniela Atim Mayanja posted new pictures on her Instagram page as proof that Teta was physically abused by her brother-in-law Vissel Manizo. However, a post on Theta’s Instagram account seemed to deny the claims, with some arguing that she may not have been the one who posted the message.

Through his Instagram page, Atim asked his fans to help him overcome his weight and guide him on this path.

“These are Sandra’s photos from December. Sandra needs all of our help, in any way. She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her first and foremost with her confidence. Ms. Hey dears, there’s no better time. To empower one more woman, now is the time. All you self-proclaimed feminists. Let’s talk, let’s Sandra’s voice,” Daniella’s Instagram post read. Be heard through our voices. Sandra’s children deserve better.

He said the photos were from previous attacks and he wanted justice for Theta. Atim also claimed that weasel cubs suffer due to conflict between parents.

Julie Mutsi, Miss Rwanda 2016, also responded to these images on her Twitter page, pointing out that such acts of violence should not be tolerated, and asked the authorities to help Raso’s girlfriend.

“When impunity for violence against women becomes the norm, that’s exactly what happens. This is a heinous act and should be unforgivable. Domestic violence should not be ignored as a private matter, we must join hands as a society and end impunity for crimes committed against women.

The famous duo Charlie and Nina were the first Rwandan artistes who asked their fans and Rwandans to help Theta for justice.

“No woman should be a victim of physical abuse, this has to stop… Theta needs us all. These two people wrote on their Instagram page that I send you a lot of love.

“Talia walked away from the ferocity of the weasel, let’s pray for Theta to do the same. This does not show weakness, but strength. He added, “I have to encourage Daniela to come out and talk about her husband’s abuse!! A wrong is a wrong we have to stand up to things or walk away from situations like this regardless of family or friendship.”

Sheila Gashumba, Charlie and Nina, and Julie Mutsi are some of the celebrities who have spoken out about the alleged abuse. Net photos

Several Rwandans, including social media influencers and journalists, joined a number of celebrities to raise their voices to help host the Rwandan event seek justice.

“Dear Chameleon your brother weasel has been accused of domestic violence against us. Please reconsider the love and support Rwandans have for your music and condemn this violence. Your silence,” tweeted Ernesto Ogziwe. It will also be interpreted in this case.

Meanwhile, a video surfaced on social media on Tuesday of Chameleone and Teta sharing drinks at a joint – which seemed to divide opinion.

Both sides have remained silent on the case, although the singer has a history of domestic violence with his ex-girlfriends Samira and Talia Qassem Katrogo and has apparently tasted her wrath.

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