Andy Samberg’s Digman! Is the New Bojack Horseman

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  • Sep 24, 2022

Andy Samberg’s Digman! Is the New Bojack Horseman

Andy Samberg’s new adult comedy animation Digman! It aims to poke fun at the idea of ​​fame, but the implication is that it has very big shoes to fill.

Bojack the rider An iconic animated TV show is a fan favorite. With such a cult following, it’s hard to imagine anyone could create a show that tackles the nuances of fame and the human condition in a unique and funny way. If anyone can do that, they are talented SNL Alum Andy Samberg. Samberg has announced that he will have his next TV show after this very successful game Brooklyn Nine-Nine With an adult comedy animation called Digman! on Comedy Central.

Variety has revealed that Digman! It takes place in a world where archaeologists are famous and the coolest people on the planet. This twist in the public perception of fame is very similar to Bojack the riderHumorous criticism of this concept. Digman! It’s set to have a star-studded cast, including Melissa Fomero and Tim Robinson, along with powerful creatives that will help propel the show into something truly special — much like Bojack the rider In the first season it did.

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Andy Samberg is going to play the main role of Rip Digman in this animated series. Samberg will be joined by co Brooklyn Nine-Nine Writer Neil Campbell as host. Both have good experience in TV and fine writing, fresh off the heels Brooklyn Nine-Nine Chapter 8. The final chapter dealt with the tragic death of George Floyd and the backlash against the police. The pair achieve a blend of comedy with serious themes that provide thought-provoking ideas. Bojack the rider did during his performance.

A show about a neat actor who is also originally a horse doesn’t seem to dive into the details of existentialism. Bojack the rider It offered a fresh take on the portrayal of fame and how people interact with celebrities. Digman! And its strange concept evokes the same type of arrangement. Samberg is talented enough to solve the issues Brooklyn Nine-Nine And also his cleverness that was shown during his presence SNLhis new show should fill a hole Bojack the rider It has left its mark in the world of adult animation.

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Few animated shows have been able to have such an impact in such a short period of time Bojack the rider. It paved the way for a new kind of storytelling that has manifested itself in the way comedy is manifested in current media. Shows like go away And Abbott Elementary Use comedy to tackle important and often hard-to-swallow concepts. The world of adult animated comedies is in dire need of a show that stands up to the challenges of shipping. Bojack the riderHeritage

Samberg has proven time and time again that he can pull it off when surrounded by a cast of incredibly talented people. With such a wild concept mixed with the creative talent behind it, Digman! It will be something special Bojack the rider I left some pretty big shoes to fill, though Digman! It may exceed expectations

Source: Variety

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