All the Celebrities Voicing Guns in the Game

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  • Dec 17, 2022

All the Celebrities Voicing Guns in the Game

High on Life features an impressive cast of voice actors who all help bring the crazy weapons to life and make the game a great time.

high in life It turns gun concepts on their head as each weapon is fully voiced and has its own distinct personality. These weapons act as the player’s constant companions throughout their bounty hunting adventure, where they constantly comment on their surroundings, interact with NPCs, and judge everything the player does. This can lead to some very funny moments, but Squanch Games has also added an option to limit these chatty characters if they get too much.

Speaking of guns high in life It really helps set the game apart from other shooters on the market, and they’re further supported by an impressive voice cast. Many players will recognize many of these voices as most of the actors have had very impressive careers over the years. They all seem to be putting their best foot forward in this wild game, keeping players waiting for the next hilarious comment to come out of their mouths.

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Justin Roiland is the voice of Kenny

Live high

Justin Roiland is the voice of the first gun that players acquire in it high in lifeKenny Fans of Rick and Morty Instantly recognize his voice because he uses the same voice for Kenny as he does for Morty Smith. However, he is much more than the sound of a gun, as Justin Roiland is also one of its creators. Rick and Morty, Solar opponentsand the founder of Squanch Games, who created high in life And Trover saves the world. He also voiced several supporting characters in it high in lifeand the game itself, for better or for worse, is made by Roiland.

Betsy Sodaro calls Swizzy

Up in the life of Sweezy

Betsy Sodaro lends her voice to it halo Needle gun like Swizzy. He has voiced a wide variety of characters throughout his career Powerpuff girls And Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles To monster’s University And Trolls: TrollTopia. He has also lent his voice to many other animated projects as well as various live-action comedies such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine And Superstore. Some of her recent roles include Nancy Derr ghostsAlex in American carand Coach Haggerty in Hamster and Gretel. high in life It’s one of the first times he’s voiced a character in a video game, and it may not be the last.

JB Smoove Voices Gus

Up in the life of Gus

Actor and comedian JB Smoo provides the voice of the frog-like shotgun Gus. Many players may instantly recognize his voice from the hugely popular HBO show Curb your passion where he plays Larry David’s friend Leon Black. He also lent his voice to Frank the Plant in Harley Quinnblack manta in Go Teen Titans! And Grand Theft Auto 5 As Dr. Ray D’Angelo Harris. One of his recent roles has seen him star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man stars as Julius Dell, Peter Parker’s teacher. He has had a long and impressive career and high in life His latest effort is in the field of video games.

Tim Robinson Voices Creature

High in existing life

The gun that shoots the scary little blue monsters is voiced by Tim Robinson. He was once one of the actors Saturday Night Live And finally transferred to the writing team. Since then, he has gone on to create the highly popular sketch comedy show I think you should leave with Tim Robinson On Netflix, he is also in various animated programs, including an episode of Solar opponents where he played the role of a man named Peter and in several films including Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers Where he did the voice of Ugly Sonic.

Michael Cusack’s voice

Up in the life of the knife

The Ultimate Weapon with a Featured Actor isn’t technically a weapon, but Knifey deserves recognition just the same. Knife Happy is voiced by voice actor and animator Michael Cusack. Cusack hasn’t acted in many projects, but in shows like The show of cyanide and happiness And Emojitown. He also served as one of the creators smiling friends And also the Creator Yolo: Crystal Fantasy. He tends to sit behind the camera rather than in front of it high in life It’s his first major video game appearance, and it’s also his first time playing with a super-powered talking knife.

high in life It is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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