10 ridiculous things celebrities have spent their money on

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  • Aug 02, 2022

10 ridiculous things celebrities have spent their money on

Let’s face it, the urge to buy the most useless things on the internet as soon as we get the check has become second nature to us humans. Lightsaber chopsticks, bacon strips, or even one Nicolas Cage sequin pillowcase, we all have stumbled across wild things that we have always dreamed of having in our lives. While some arrive at your doorstep, others are dropped in your cart after a quick reality check.

But for some celebrities, that’s not the case. Sure, life in the spotlight can come with boatloads of cash, and it’s ultimately up to them how they want to spend their wealth. But sometimes, public figures can make some of them Really Questionable financial choices

From custom Batmobiles to haunted houses, here are ten of the most ridiculous things celebrities have blown their fortunes on.

1. Celine Dion spent $2 million on a humidifier to protect her vocal cords.

If an average humidifier sells for $20 on Amazon, Celine Dion is worth $2 million. During a three-year stay at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas beginning in 2002, Dion asked the hotel to install an expensive humidifier to “preserve her singing voice in the harsh desert climate.” The fog machine was hanging above the stage in all his performances.

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer is also known for her extravagance — she once raised a $4 million-a-year team that included an Olympic coach, a yoga teacher and four bodyguards. Did I mention this was in 1999?

2. Tyrese Gibson bought a private island for his eight-year-old daughter

In an interview with ET in 2015, Fast and Furious Movie star Tyrese Gibson has revealed that he bought his eight-year-old daughter Shayla her own island for Christmas. “Can’t say [where]. He knows all about it and the island is called “Island of Love”. “I will put it on my Facebook soon.” he said at the time. Santa Claus could never!

3. Nicolas Cage once bought the most haunted house in America

Nicolas Cage has made creative financial decisions over the years: inviting alligators into his bed, ordering poisonous snakes to calm him down, and even collecting stolen Mongolian dinosaur skulls by beating Leonardo DiCaprio in a bidding war. .

In an interview with Daily email However, in 2014 Ghost Rider The actor revealed one of the strangest purchases on record. “I once lived in the most haunted house in America,” he said. The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans was formerly owned by Madame LaLaurie, a notorious 19th century serial killer and socialite. I bought it in 2007, thinking it would be a good place to write the great American horror novel. “I didn’t get very far with this novel.” Who would have thought?

4. Bono bought a $1,500 plane ticket for his hat

In 2003, U2 frontman and megastar Bono realized he had left his trilby hat at home, shortly before taking the stage at a Luciano Pavarotti charity concert in Italy. Instead of performing without a hat, he arranged for the hat to be delivered before his show—spending $1,500 to have it shipped from his home in London.

The hat was brought by taxi to Gatwick Airport, located in south London, and was placed in the cabin of the British Airways plane under the supervision of the pilots so that it would not be damaged by the passengers. The hat then took another taxi to reunite with Bono a few hours before the show started, apparently arriving in perfect condition.

5. Oprah Winfrey has a bathtub carved into her body

Bathing is a hobby that Oprah Winfrey has Very Seriously. I specialize in bathtubs. I spend my time finding the best bathtub a woman can buy Vogue. “I love creating bath experiences — bath gels, bubbles, crystals, salts, lavender milks,” she told him. Harper’s BazaarAnd added: I am going to prune. “I’m going to prune. I’m going to sleep.”

But that was the only time he appeared Late show In 2018, Winfrey revealed just how much of a bathroom connoisseur she really is. Imagining what Winfrey’s bathtub would look like, host James Corden first stated, “In my mind, Oprah’s bathroom is like a Roman bath where only you go in and only normal people are around.” Winfrey replied, “I have a hand-carved tub… [carved] of marble and onyx.”

When asked how many people fit in the tub, Winfrey added, “You can fit a couple in there. However, it was carved into the shape of my body.” particle for direct object Selma The star then gave the audience a glimpse of how to achieve such a tub. “First, they do a model,” he explained. “They create a cast model, you lie in it. I told you – bathing, I’m serious about it.

6. Brad Pitt spent a year looking for buried treasure because someone lied to him about it.

Brad Pitt is a classic example of celebrities who both spend money And Time for the most questionable things in life in an interview with GQ, World War Z The actor revealed that he was once tipped off that gold from the Crusades was buried somewhere in his $60 million French estate. I repeat, 60 million dollars French property

So Pete started digging a mini pit. “I became obsessed,” he said. “For like a year, that was all I could think about, just the excitement of it all.” However, it was all a lie. Turns out the man who told him about the gold was just trying to get Pete to invest in a radar company. The actor then admitted that “it ended up being pretty stupid.”

7. Kelly Rowland bought Blue Ivy a $5,200 Swarovski crystal baby bathtub

What do you buy your ex-bandmate’s baby shower when her husband guarantees to buy her “everything” her daughter needs in the world? If you’re Kelly Rowland, you buy a bathtub. Not just any bathtub, but a very expensive $5,200 diamond baby bathtub with Swarovski crystals.

“I don’t know what to buy for Beyonce’s baby shower because Jay is going to buy everything possible for that little girl,” Rowland told Brit. BANG Showbiz. He will not be spoiled, but he will be very well cared for. This child-sized porcelain tub, created by California interior designer Laurie Gardner, is covered in 44,928 imported crystals that Gardner reportedly spent more than two months applying by hand.

8. Justin Bieber spent $250,000 to customize his Cadillac CTS-V into a Batmobile.

In 2011, 17-year-old Justin Bieber gave in to his teenage urges and turned his Cadillac CTS-V into… a Batmobile. Customized by Ryan Friedlinhaus, founder of West Coast Customs, the car was given a black-on-black matte finish with a Batman logo replacing the original Cadillac badge, “suicide” doors and high-intensity paint to meet Bieber’s preferences. Headlights Discharge (HID). The ‘JB’ logo is also featured on the side panels.

However, shortly after the “Baby” singer got behind the wheel, he was pulled over and given a warning for interrupting a highway patrol officer. Batmobile? No, I only know Bat-illac.

9. Victoria Beckham spent $35,998 on a gold-plated iPhone

Most people get excited just to get their hands on the latest iPhone model, but Victoria Beckham’s $35,998 gold-plated iPhone 4 was another level of fun in 2011. This handmade phone was designed by Stuart Hughes and weighed 150 grams. 24 carat gold. The best part? Paparazzi once photographed the former Spice Girls member at an airport – where her gold phone was seen flashing a picture of a naked David Beckham as wallpaper.

10. Lady Gaga spent $50,000 on a ghost detector.

In 2010, a source close to American singer and actress Lady Gaga told reporters: “He believes in paranormal activities and takes no risks when he is on the road. It is important for him to be safe from ghosts. Gaga was later revealed to be haunted by ghosts and apparently every hotel and tour venue she performed and stayed at was scanned by a team of paranormal investigators.

“Poker Face” singer – who He beleives He’s the reincarnation of his dead aunt—he’s also reportedly spent $50,000 on an electromagnetic field reader specifically designed to ward off ghosts and other paranormal entities while on tour.

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