10 Famous Gearheads And Their Coolest Cars

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  • Dec 17, 2022

10 Famous Gearheads And Their Coolest Cars

We all dream of owning a collection of our favorite cars, but some famous examples of our enthusiasts can live that dream. The celebrity might be an actor, singer, YouTube celebrity or someone who works with cars on a daily basis – who then owns some of our dream cars.

While there are famous gearheads like Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Harris who drive for a living in addition to owning whatever vehicle they want, other celebrities who are also interested work in completely different fields. do Eric Bana and Rowan Atkinson are famous actors who have starred in some of the greatest movies and TV shows ever made, yet they each have incredible car histories and collections. Even Gordon Ramsay—best known for his cooking-based shows—has a list of cars that would impress even Jay Leno.

These celebrities may be rich and famous, but even they had dream cars that they dreamed of having for a long time. Here are ten famous transmissions and the coolest cars that have them.

10/10 Jeremy Clarkson – Mercedes Benz CLK series black

Jeremy Clarkson-car-show-host-car-history-youth-favorite-vehicle-Lexus-Lefa-yellow-host-best-best-favorite-1

Jeremy Clarkson is probably the most famous motoring journalist known for his long tenure at the BBC. top gear, alongside James May and Richard Hammond. Over the years, he’s owned some big cars, including a Lamborghini Gallardo Performante, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and an Alfa Romeo GTV6.

Via: Netcarshow

Probably his best-known car was the Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series – the car he tested on. top gear And then immediately ordered. He drove it for a long time before finally selling it because he wanted something with a softer suspension. Among all AMGs in the Black series, the CLK is close to the top.

9/10 Chris Harris – BMW M5 CS

He drives a Chris-Harris-Lamborghini-Huracan
Through Autoevolution

from the formertop gear Current show host Chris Harris is the best host of the current lot and is a proper cog. It is an original in his collection E28 BMW M5, as well as Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 Cosworth and a R129 SL500.

BMW M5 CS - front
via BMW Media

His latest purchase was a BMW M5 CS – a car he praised for its engineering, driving dynamics and ability to put supercars to shame. It’s a great choice and we hope he enjoys what is probably the best sports sedan ever made.

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8/10 Matt Watson – Porsche 911 996

A gray Mercedes-AMG A45 S and a blue Audi RS3 front fascia
Via: YouTube on carwow

Matt Watson is a British motoring journalist best known for his motoring reviews CarWow YouTube channel. He frequently flies around Europe and the US to review cars and is currently one of the highest rated automotive journalists.

3/4 front view of a silver Carrera 996 911
Via Porsche

He usually has long-term test cars that he uses to get around, but every now and then he dazzles his audience with some of his personal cars – one of which is a Porsche 911. 996. It’s a brilliant car that he’s owned for a while now and often makes videos about what he might replace it with if the time comes.

7/10 Doug DeMuro – Audi RS2

Doug DeMuro Acura MDX Type-S, Doug's face inside
Via: YouTube via Doug DeMuro

Doug DiMuro isn’t a traditional motorcycle journalist, but he’s gained quite a following thanks to his YouTube channel where he explores all the cool quirks and quirks of cars. To date, he has reviewed everything from the Fiat 500 to the Bugatti Chiron.

1994 Audi_RS2_Avant
Via: Reddit

DeMuro has a few cool cars, including a 2005 Ford GT he bought to celebrate his success. Another cool car he owns is an Audi RS2 Avant, which is regularly featured on his channel – usually parked in his garage when he talks about car economics or the cars he wants to review.

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6/10 Richard Rawlings – Custom Ford Mustang GT350

Richard Rowling rates Gas Monkey Garage
via the Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel

Richard Rawlings is a Texas businessman who became famous for his Discovery Channel to show, Fast N’ Loud – where he and his mechanics restored and modified classic cars. Rawlings also ventured into the restaurant business, where he owns a brewery Carbonated monkey beer.

Richard Rawlings posing with a tricked-out Ford Mustang
Gas Monkey Garage via Facebook

Rawlings had many cars in his collection, but recently sold most of them to buy some higher quality classics. One of the cars he still owns is a modified Ford Mustang GT350 that was used in the 1999 movie. The story of Thomas Crone. The GT350 has a raised suspension and welded doors that give it a rugged look.

5/10 Tim Burton aka “Shmee150” – McLaren Senna

Shmee150's Gumball 3000 Shelby GT500, Neon Green, Front Quarter View
Via: YouTube via Shmee150

Tim Burton – not the famous director – who as Shmee150 On YouTube, it has a wide collection of cars that it regularly updates with new and classic cars. He recently acquired a new Lotus Amira sports car and imported his Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 to the UK.

McLaren Senna 2019 sports car
Via: Pinterest

His most famous purchase is the blue McLaren Senna that he received on Christmas Day 2018. In later years, he drove it around the Nurburgring and crashed it on the highway. In his most dramatic event, he took Sena to pick up his Suzuki Jimny from the dealership.

4/10 Jay Leno – McLaren F1

Jay Leno is probably the biggest car enthusiast in the United States, having a personal collection that includes more than 150 vehicles. He shows them off to the world on his YouTube channel and often has celebrity guests who share his passion for cars and motorcycles.

McLaren F1 - front
Through McLaren cars

One of his biggest purchases was a super special 1994 McLaren F1. He’s finished in black with a red accent strip on the bottom – the only one with that particular spec. According to Leno, the McLaren F1 is the best car ever made.

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3/10 Eric Bana – for Falcon XB GT

Eric Bana's 1973 Ford Falcon XP Race Car
which car

Eric Bana is a great Australian actor who has appeared in movies like the incredible hulk, black hawk down and the 2009 version of space explorers. He is an avid coxswain and a professional racing driver who competes in Australian championships and racing series.

via Pinterest

His favorite car is the Ford Falcon XB GT, which he bought before it even had a license. He drove to every acting job in Australia, and when he became famous, he converted the Falcon into a race car. He made a documentary called animal love It revolved around his story with Shahin.

2/10 Gorben Ramsey – LaFerrari Aperta

Gordon Ramsay Ferrari Monza SP2
Through Dexretto

Gordon Ramsay, known for his variety of television shows and constant swearing, is one of the most famous chefs on the planet. Outside of the culinary world, he is a great family man and an avid Ferrari collector.

VIA Irishmirror.ie

His most valuable model is undoubtedly the LaFerrari Aperta. Having owned many Ferraris, he was allowed a LaFerrari, and when the Aperta was introduced, Ferrari asked him if he wanted one.

1/10 Rowan Atkinson – Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Rowan Atkinson with his famous McLaren F1
Via: Taylor and Crowley

Rowan Atkinson – Also known for his most famous role. Mr. Bean – is an amazing actor and excels in wordless comedy. He’s also a mainstay who competes in amateur races and owns amazing cars – including a McLaren F1, which he crashed twice.

Via: Favcars

Another of his great purchases was a red Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which he is often seen driving around the UK. The SLS was the first car designed and engineered solely by AMG and was heavily inspired by the original 300SL Gullwing of the 1950s.

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