10 Celebrity Wrestling Appearances You Completely Forgot About

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  • Aug 17, 2022

10 Celebrity Wrestling Appearances You Completely Forgot About

Celebrities have always been there for the biggest moments in wrestling history. From Muhammad Ali opening WrestleMania to David Arquette helping bring down WCW by winning the World Heavyweight Championship, the world of wrestling has always been involved in popular culture. Celebrities who contributed a lot to the storyline are almost unforgettable.

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For example, Mike Tyson, by inserting himself into the feud between Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin “Stone Cold”.. With too many appearances to count, this list examines the top ten forgotten times a celebrity guest starred on a wrestling show or event.

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10 Chris Rock

Several videos of Chris Rock vs. Will Smith in WWE 2K have been released online. In reality, Chris Rock has already appeared in the ring. At NWA-TNA PPV #16, The Rock stepped into the ring and said that TNA had the best wrestling in the world. TNA was later featured in The Rock’s 2003 film Head of State. The appearance was random and therefore often forgotten.

9 Kim Kardashian

In 2008, Kim Kardashian was years away from her high-profile relationship with Kris Humphries, her high-profile relationship with Kanye West, and her high-profile relationship with Pete Davidson. The future billionaire hosted WrestleMania 24.

8 Alice Cooper

WrestleMania 3 will always be remembered for Hulk Hogan’s slam on Andre the Giant. Early in the show, before Hogan retained his WWE Championship, music icon Alice Cooper appeared and did a segment with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Although Cooper wasn’t a big fan of wrestling before his arrival, he said he gained a lot of respect for the craft after being backstage at one of the biggest events in WWE history.

7 James Brown

Ernest “The Cat” Miller wasn’t a great wrestler, but he was always interesting. In 1999, Miller started dancing like James Brown to celebrate his victories. None of the WCW fans thought he was remotely serious when he said he knew the man he was impersonating, the “Godfather of Soul” himself, James Brown. At SuperBrawl 2000, one of the greatest celebrity returns in wrestling history occurred when James Brown appeared and danced with “The Cat”.

6 Adam Sandler

When WWE puts on a big show in La La Land (Los Angeles), it’s usually never short of famous wrestling fans. When WrestleMania takes place in Los Angeles, the biggest names in Hollywood attend the event. WrestleMania 21 featured many big names such as Macaulay Culkin and Lance Bass. Adam Sandler was also seated next to fellow SNL host Rob Schneider.

5 Toby Keith

TNA was once a very southern wrestling show. how south The first weekly pay-per-view event featured a performance by Toby Keith. The country performed their hit song “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”. TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett spoke rudely during Keith’s performance.

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It was an angle because not only did Keith perform at the event, but he entered the battle royal and eliminated Jarrett from contention for the first ever NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

4 Jackman Hugh

Hugh Jackman is one of the few celebrities who injured a wrestling superstar during his guest appearance. Jackman appeared on an episode of Raw, mostly to promote his film Real steel. Jackman also helped Zack Ryder during his appearance.

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After he and Dolph Ziggler got into a fight, Jackman grabbed a Zack Ryder sign and challenged him. Ryder won the match and Hugh Jackman actually punched Ziggler in the face (after Dolph asked him to) causing a hairline fracture to his jaw.

3 Raven-Simone

By 2008, Raven Simone was one of the biggest names on television. He was a few years removed from his hit show This is Raven And two Cheetah girls Movies. Simone appeared at WrestleMania 24 to announce WWE’s contribution to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He was there representing the foundation, which felt like a coincidence since he had nothing to do with WWE or even the Make-A-Wish Foundation worldwide on the same level as John Cena or other WWE Superstars.

2 JWoww and Angelina

TNA had several ties to the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” Becky Bayless first performed as a Snooki parody named “Cookie” on the show. Robbie E (Robert Stone) parodied the show alongside Cookie Men.

TNA eventually brought in two stars from the hit show to take on both impersonator wrestlers. JWoww and Angelina both made guest appearances on an episode of Impact that was pretty forgettable. JWoww confronted Cookie, while Angelina sided with her since she was known as a heel at the Jersey Shore.

1 Paul Walker

Paul Walker was one of the most popular actors of his generation. Two years before his tragic death, he made a brief appearance on WWE television. Walker and Rock starred together in the Fast and Furious franchise, and Walker wished the WWE superstar a happy birthday shortly after their movie Fast 5 was released. In the heartfelt video segment, Walker also waved his hand in his face to indicate John. Sinai

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