10 celebrities who have changed their pronouns

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  • Aug 04, 2022

10 celebrities who have changed their pronouns

Demi Lovato


Demi’s exposé last year sparked a wider debate about pronouns, highlighting the use of “they/them” for non-binary and gender-fluid people.

While they’re one of the most outspoken proponents of using pronouns, they’re certainly not the only celebs to change their pronouns.

Here are some other stars who have publicly changed their pronouns.

Elliot Page


Elliot Page (He/They)

In 2020, Elliot Page shocked the world by coming out as a trans man. He specified his pronouns on social networks She And they.

particle for direct object Umbrella Academy The star received an outpouring of support from fans and other celebrities, and Netflix announced that it would immediately update Elliott’s credits to reflect his name change.

Eliot is one of a growing number of people who use rotational pronouns, which are multiple or changing pronouns. This means that he is happy to use the pronouns “he/she” or “they/them”.

Sam Smith


Sam Smith (they/them)

Sam Smith is one of the first celebrities to publicly come out as non-binary. In 2017, they told The Sunday Times, they felt “as much a woman as I am a man.”

Two years later, Sam announced on Instagram that they were officially changing their pronouns.

“After a lifetime of battling my gender, I’ve decided to embrace myself for who I am, inside and out,” they wrote.

Sam acknowledged that it may take time for people to adjust, but urged everyone to try.

“I’m just asking you to please try,” they said. “I hope you can see me as I see myself now.”

Jay Flip


G-Flip (they/them)

Australian musician Jay Flip They announced their change of pronouns last year in a bold Instagram post.

“I’m a non-binary mom,” they announced.

Looking at what it means to be non-binary, I realized that’s what I’ve been all my life. I will use their pronouns from now on.”

The ARIA award-winning artist said the announcement didn’t change who they were, but being non-binary was “the best way to explain who I am and what I’ve always felt”.



Jonathan Van Ness (he/she/they)

JVN, a specialist in the Queer Eye style, came out non-binary in 2019. Jonathan is a champion of rotational pronouns and is happy to use “he”, “her” and “they”.

“The older I get, the more I think I’m non-binary — I’m gender non-conforming,” she told JVN. the outside Magazine.

“Some days I feel like a man, but other days I feel like a woman.”

Bob the drag queen


Bob the drag queen (he/she)

Drag queen Bob won RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2016 and came out as “pansexual and non-binary” on Twitter in 2019.

Despite being “non-binary”, Bob has said that he prefers binary pronouns such as “he”, “her”, “her” and “her”.

He has too Speaking of The importance of expressing your pronouns publicly

“Pronouns help people communicate better and help people feel safe,” she said.

That’s why I always tell people to put your pronouns in their Twitter bio. Even if you are a genderqueer who uses the gender pronouns you were assigned at birth. It also shows people who might cross your path that you are a safe person to talk to.”

Nico Tortorella


Nico Tortorella (they/them)

comedy star youngerNico Tortorella described his gender journey in them Biography 2019.

Nico and their partner both identify as and have disclosed that they are gender fluid Their marriage is polyamorous.

“When Bethany and I met in 2006, I was a boy and she was a girl, whatever,” they wrote.

“Today Bethany and I both identify as non-binary and prefer the pronouns ‘they/them’.”

But Corinne


but Corinne (she/they)

But Corinne changed her social media pronouns in 2020, but that was her role Crown which helped them understand their gender.

“I feel like Diana helped me explore a lot of the depths of myself and really do a big inner exploration of how I felt about things because she was such a complex person,” Corinne said. insider.

Gerard V


Gerard V (he/they)

Fans may be surprised to know this My chemical romance Gerard Way uses rotational pronouns but has actually been out since 2015.

In 2014, he told his fans Reddit that she has always struggled with her sexuality.

“I’ve always been very sensitive to those who have had gender identity issues because I feel like I’ve been through that too, albeit on a smaller scale,” Gerrard writes.

“I have always identified a fair amount with the female sex.”

Rahul Kohli


Rahul Kohli (He/They)

The Haunting of Bly Manor Star Rahul Kohli faced a lot of backlash when he put his pronouns in his Twitter bio, but Rahul stands by the decision.

“Yes, I put pronouns in my bio to help normalize sharing which ultimately benefits the transgender community. It’s a reminder not to assume anyone’s gender,” she tweeted.

He prefers his pronouns.

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